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SCR Power Controller Market 2022 By Top Trend, Growth Regional Forecast to 2030

The strong
demand for reliable and efficient temperature management devices is one of the
key factors fostering the SCR power controller industry development, the report
claims. Thyristor power controllers or SCR controllers are designed to offer
efficiency ratings of over 99.5% and regulate the flow of power to the
industrial heater, maintaining the performance of the industrial manufacturing
process output. These favorable product attributes will create a strong demand
for the product in the ensuing years, as per the report.

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Based on load, the report divides the
industry into resistive and non-resistive categories. Among these, the
resistive segment is set to hold a considerable market share over the forecast
period. This is due to the availability of SCR power controllers that can
perform a continuous and smooth regulation of power dissipated by varied
heating elements for resistive heating load banks. The availability of
controllers suited for resistive loads for metal, glass, and ceramic
manufacturing has also increased, thereby contributing to segmental

With respect to the phase, the
industry is bifurcated into single phase and three phase segments. The report
cites that the three phase segment is expected to register substantial revenue
over the forecast period. This is attributed to the capability of these
controllers to be configured seamlessly through software for virtually any
application. Three phase SCR power controllers can also be utilized in varied
heater types, further fueling segmental growth.


In terms of control method, the
report bifurcates the SCR power controller industry into phase angle control
and integrated cycle switching categories. The integrated cycle switching
segment will depict a high growth rate through 2030, driven by the availability
of zero cross-over SCR firing cards designed to replace electromechanical
contactors. These cards can eliminate the generation of voltage transients due
to the zero cross-over power switching technique with no arcing observed, in
turn contributing to the popularity of the integrated cycle switching power
control method.


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The strategic landscape of the SCR power controller market is inclusive
of Advanced Energy Industries, Inc., Siemens, ABB, Gefran, Control Concepts
Inc., Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company, Sichuan Yingjie Electric Co.,
Ltd., Avatar Instruments, and others. These companies are focusing on merger
and acquisition strategies to expand their footprint across the global market.
For instance, in June 2022, Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company inked an
agreement with Schneider Electric to acquire Eurotherm. This initiative was
intended to allow Watlow to leverage Eurotherm’s expertise in power, process, and
temperature control products.


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