Five outdoor adventures you must try while inm

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Five outdoor adventures you must try while in Dubai:

\We all know Dubai as a posh and classy megapolis that is
ultra-modern, high-tech and luxurious. Most of the time we talk about 

the amazing food it offers or the lavish hotels it has. But did you know
that Dubai is not just about skyscrapers, novelty and shopping, but it
also offers extreme adventures and fun for an outdoorsy? If you are that
traveler who looks for a thrill in everywhere, he/she goes, Dubai has
plenty for you. Talk about skydiving, sandboarding and even skiing,
Dubai has it all.

Never underestimate Dubai. If they have the
tendency to bring the snow skiing adventure in the city which is
situated in the middle of a desert, they can bring all the adventurous
activities home without any doubt.

Dubai is a blissful playground
for an adventurous soul. The details will blow your mind. Here are some
of the major outdoor activities that are a must-try for you.

Sky Diving:

If you are the one with a thing for thrills that have something to do with
extreme heights, sky diving is for you. It is one of the ultimate and
thrilling adventures Dubai offers. Think about jumping from a plane at
the height of twelve thousand feet and tell us if your heart does not
race. People who have done this exercise are often at the loss of words
when they try to describe the feeling. But they refer to it as a
heart-pumping, overwhelming and irresistible adventure.

Do not worry if you have never tried this before or are not a professional
skydiver. Because this exercise happens under the full supervision of a
trained professional. The instructor will also train you on a few things
before giving you a fall. The best thing about this experience is that
you get to see Dubai, not every visitor sees: from the top. The aerial
view of Dubai’s mesmerizing skyline is unexplainable.

The experience is so overwhelming that you would want to do it again. The
ability to fly and float in the air like a bird is itself awe-inspiring.
You will also be able to have a panoramic view of the artificially
created man-made marvel, the Palm Jumeirah. And you will be able to look
at and appreciate its beauty in the true sense. Also, you can have a
look at all the famous landmarks of Dubai such as Burj Al Arab, Burj
Khalifa and World Island in one go.

Mountain biking:

Let’s say you like adventures but sky diving is not your thing. Do not worry,
we have plenty of fun activities. Tell us if you like adventures which
involve more land than air. We have a perfect thrill for you, the
mountain biking. There is plenty of adventure for devoted and audacious
mountain bikers in Dubai’s Fujairah mountains. These steep and rough
trails offer an irresistible and exciting challenge to daring riders.

If you are a true adventurist, this challenge is for you. Also, these
trails offer a chance to observe the local wildlife free of cost. This
includes mountain goats, big snakes and lizards etc. This adds to the
adventure of your trip. The flora and fauna life on the trails will give
you a unique experience.

Mountaineering :

This is one of the thrills which was introduced and developed in the last
few years. It is not only sought by the travelers but also the locals,
as a pastime hobby. Due to the interest of the residents and some
adventure clubs’ operators, the tracks are being developed steadily and
new trekking routes are being discovered every now and then.

The enthusiastic and daring climbers love the Hajar mountains. This is one
of the most famous climbing destinations. The Hajar mountains offer a
number of challenges to its climbers with its towering limestone scarps
including the short and easy climbs to extremely challenging 3000 ft
routes reaching the dangerous peaks. These mountains offer irresistible
and exciting challenges to seasoned hikers and sightseers with a
striking 10,000 feet height.


Did someone call you an adrenaline junkie and you are rather proud of it?
Well, we have always been looking for you. Else, where would we find
such adventurous souls? So, to fulfil your heart desires, we have come
up with a perfect adventure you must do in Dubai.

You can always jump from a plane (just kidding; many tourist destinations offer that!)
ride a bike or climb a mountain in many other places, but you cannot
sand board everywhere. That’s right. For sand boarding, you need a
smooth, vast and sandy desert that Dubai has. It is one of the very cool
and unique experiences in Dubai.

The sand dunes are amazing and sandboarding down them will you an amazing adrenaline rush that you will love and never forget. The vast, vivid and picturesque desert of Dubai
will take you in its charm and make you forget everything. 

If you have ever been to a desert, you will know how peaceful and gorgeous
it's every sight is. We assure you that this is one of those experiences
that you will always remember in your life.

Dune Bashing:

Did someone say road trip? Count me in!

Dune bashing is the activity which is a part of a desert safari tour. And a
desert safari tour is the road trip you never had before. Do not confuse
it with a usual road excursion that you enjoy now and then. If you are
the one who is fond of road trips and are always ready to take one, you
will love this one.

Trust me when you start the ride on a 4 by 4
and go up and down over the haughty sand dunes of the Arabian desert,
the experience is nerve-wracking and electrifying.  And a huge plus of
this dune bashing ride, if you take the Dubai evening desert safari, is that it will take you to an amazing vantage point from where you can gaze over the magnificent sunset.

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