The most recommended pair of vacuums for hard

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The most recommended pair of vacuums for hard surfaces

What is Best Vacuum Cleaner  for hard surfaces, you might ask? No worries if you are looking for one to give a nice treat to your home with a lot of hard surfaces, as we have the perfect answer for you. In fact, we have a pair of answers.

1. Kenmore Pet Friendly 31140

The Kenmore Pet Friendly 31140 is an efficient upright vacuum model with a design that allows it to work flexibly and conveniently on a multitude of floor types. Whether it be dust, pet hair, or common annoying allergens, you can rest assured that nothing can stand up to this all-powerful vacuum cleaner.

This vacuum cleaner is able to work comfortably on many types of floors, ranging from hardwood floors to carpets to laminate floors, all with ease. And not only that, but it also does this with a consistent performance, as it yields the same cleaning quality on every floor type.

There is a brush roll design that can spin at high speed to easily remove any stubborn dander and pet hair on your floors, furniture, staircase, and car. And with an advanced HEPA filter system, there is nothing you have to worry about, as it is guaranteed that all the captured contaminants will remain inside the vacuum cleaner.

The suction power of the vacuum is powered by a two-motor engine, which is the standard for vacuum cleaners to create efficient suction that can take on any cleaning task with incredible power. The height-adjusting options add to the convenience of this awesome vacuum cleaner.

2. Eureka Easy Clean 71B

Although handheld vacuums are known for their convenience, the Eureka Easy Clean 71B is an excellent, convenient option from the  Best Rated Vacuum Cleaner for home and car cleaning. This is because this vacuum cleaner weighs less than five pounds, making it one of the lightest vacuum options available.

This vacuum cleaner specializes in cleaning carpets and upholstery surfaces thanks to its motorized brush roll design. This is further enhanced in convenience by a simple control button that provides you with full control over giving your carpets the most thorough cleaning possible.

A known issue with handheld vacuums is that they usually do not have a lot of capacity for storing the sucked-up pollutants. However, that is not an issue for this vacuum cleaner. Not only does it have plenty of space for storing, but it also has easy emptying mechanics for your convenience.

In exchange for that feature, this vacuum cleaner does not have the cordless ability that is common in handheld vacuums. However, the 20-foot cord should be enough to give you plenty of room to move around with the vacuum and do your cleaning. The vacuum cleaner comes with a one-year warranty.


Bare and hard surfaces are trickier to clean because a minor mistake could damage the surface forever. That is why if your house has a lot of these types of floors, it is recommended that you get best vacuum cleaners in the world  that are best suited for the job. And what other good vacuum cleaner options out there are more up to the task than the two vacuum cleaners mentioned above?

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