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Honest Review P anasonic SR-ZC075K 4-Cupss

Honest Review
Honest Review 3/26/2018 5:05:03 PM

Panasonic 4 Cup Uncooked Microcomputer Controlled Rice Cooker, White Silver

Yogurt, rice both fluffy and void of vessel flavor. Ordinary cake is moist and Asian style, so this isn't a birthday cake machine, this is a small dessert/coffee cake. The machine is quiet, and remember that different quantities cook for different durations. and it's a good idea to cook well ahead of time, since the machine has a warming mode. The vessel can be washed, but an element that snaps in and out needs a wipe down. So, maintenance is almost care free.

Honest Review: Panasonic SR-ZC075K 4-Cups (Uncooked) Rice Cooker & Multi-Cooker, Black

Who said you could only cook rice in a rice cooker? The Panasonic SR-ZC075K 4-Cups (Uncooked) Rice Cooker & Multi-Cooker lets you to cook a variety of rice, plus hot cereals, soups, yogurt, quinoa and more. It also has quick cook and slow cook options for you to cook many different things using just one cooker. The keep warm function maintains food freshness for up to 12 hours. The inner pan is no-stick black fluorine-coated and can evenly conduct and retain heat in every grain of rice. Microcomputer heating control monitors and regulates heat, so your food would never over cooked. You can prepare up to 4 uncooked cups of rice (8 cups cooked) with this sleek, black and silver rice cooker, it is ideal for singles, couples and small families.


  • $100.30


  • Super easy to use, just put you food into the cooker and plug it in
  • You can use it to cook many different things, not just rice
  • The microcomputer turn off the cooker automatically when your food is done making sure your food will never over cook
  • Foods do not stick to the pan so clean up is very easy
  • Rice came out really soft and fluffy


  • Compared to my older cooker, the cooking time is very slow. My older rice cooker takes 30 mins to cook 1 cup of rice, this cooker takes 45 mins to cook 1 cup of rice
  • The upper lid is difficult to take out 
  • The power cord is too short
  • Minor water leak when you opening the lid when the rice is freshly cooked

Where to buy?

  • Amazon, Panasonic official site, Local international farmer's markets

Honest Review
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Honest Review

Loooooove to review random stuff!

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