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Canine Crime Scene Investigation

Atlanta 9/8/2012 10:52:33 PM

Beastie Darlings and Canine PhD today announced Atlanta’s only Canine Crime Scene Investigation Course from September 21-23 in Conyers.

In this exciting Canine Murder Mystery, you will train your dog to be a super sleuth and solve a heinous crime!  As the three days of fun unfold, your Sherlock Hound’s skills are sharpened and your problem solving skills are honed.

CCSI is NOT a boring lecture series. It is a hands on adventure with your dog. For three days, you will use your powers of observation and your problem solving skills to sniff out clues to sort out this crime. Expect the unexpected!  One of your team mates may accidently get padlocked to a chair...and only your dog will be able to find the key to set them free! Your dog may have to lead you blindfolded through a maze, to retrieve a clue from an area covered with distractions. But beware, someone could be lurking in the shadows....Will you solve the crime, or be the next victim?  

Participants work in small teams of handlers and dogs, attempting to solve a fun murder mystery. Your canine detective will acquire skills in retrieving, advanced control exercises, scent detection and tracking. They may be looking for explosives, lost articles, or other clues to help you solve the case.  Surely your Sherlock Hound will save the day!

This seminar is not intended for law enforcement officers and it will not take place at a real crime scene. Real weapons, accelerants, explosives and drugs are NOT used.

About Beastie Darlings

Beastie Darlings specializes in companion dog behavior; utilizing reward based coaching while enhancing communication for dogs and their people.

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