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CharmStrandz™ Zipper Bracelets for Kids Are the Hottest New Trend with Girls and Boys!

9/15/2012 2:42:22 PM

With the CharmStrandz™ zipper bracelets kids can not only rock the uber trendy zipper bracelet, but they also have the option to add charms and personalize them to their own unique style. They’re a must have for girls and boys and they can be worn solo or stacked for a layered look. Cool moms can pull off the layered look, too!

“We knew the zipper bracelets were going to be a big hit, but we never anticipated the excitement and buzz would catch on this quickly.  Having the option to buy them with or without a charm ring for adding charms is what's really helping drive the buzz. Within weeks our zipper bracelets rocketed to our best selling accessory.  We’re excited to see this kind of growth and we keep adding new styles each month,” said Christine DeChiaro, owner and creator of CharmStrandz.
“These are awesome!” said Richie, a 12 year old from Texas who recently purchased his 8th zipper bracelet and 16th charm from CharmStrandz.

It’s clear that girls and boys really love these new zipper bracelets… and so it seems a new trend begins.
About CharmStrandz

CharmStrandz Inc. is an accessories company that let’s kids create their own style accessories with charms.  CharmStrandz makes it easy and fun for girls and boys of all ages to explore, create and show off their own unique style. For more information about CharmStrandz, visit

CharmStrandz™ is a trademark of CharmStrandz Inc.

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CharmStrandz™ Zipper Bracelets for Kids Are the Hottest New Trend with Girls and Boys!

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