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Raw chicken appears to move off restaurant plate and into floor

In a rather bizarre short video, a piece of raw chicken, apparently sitting on a restaurant plate waiting to be cooked, begins to spasm, moving the piece of ...

Raw Chicken Seemingly Crawls Off Plate And Onto Floor Terrifying Onlookers

In what has become a viral video with over 17k views since the time of publication on Youtube, just 18 hours ago, a video of raw chicken appears to get up and bounce itself off a plate, onto the table, and then to the floor.

The video, which was originally shared on Facebook, shows a piece of raw chicken that not only appears to twitch, but also pick itself up and throw itself over the plate and onto the floor. The person showing the video was terrified and upset and audio in the video can be heard of the girl screaming.

At the time of publication, it is unclear as to where the video was shot. A woman by the name of Rie Phillips, who is a resident in Miami Florida, shared the video on Facebook two weeks ago.

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