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Reza Aslan Slams Bill Maher for Facile Arguments’ About Muslim Violence

Religious scholar Reza Aslan took some serious issue on CNN Monday night with Bill Maher‘s commentary about Islamic violence and oppression. Maher ended his ...

Does Islam promote Violence? I think he said it best, "violent people make the religion violent", How many people were burned at the stake in "defense of Christianity"? How many people died when Eric Rudolph bombed those abortion clinics? According to Frederick Douglas' biography, slaves were beaten severely my Ministers and Preachers in the name of beating the evil out of them and bringing them to Christ.

It is not the Religion itself that promotes violence, but the individuals interpretation of the words. Jihad for example is often interpreted as a holy war against infidels, but another interpretation I've heard is that the war is supposed to be internal against inner demons and temptations.

Islam doesn't promote violence, evil people who desire power and control use religion to justify their actions against weak minded people like the Jedi Mind trick.

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