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Advantages of drifting fish feed pelletm

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Pellet Richi 3/9/2023 7:56:15 AM

Advantages of drifting fish feed pellet equipment

1. Characteristics of  marine feed

There are  likewise  numerous  setups. Floating fish feed pellet  maker can process various aquatic feeds, such as  decorative fish feed,  tank farming fish feed,  and so on. According to the nature of fish feed products, it is divided into sinking fish feed  as well as  drifting fish feed; it is an  suitable  devices  choice for the aquaculture  sector.

Floating fish feed making  equipment does not  need  central heating boilers,  inhabits a small  location,  as well as is  very easy to  run. It is a step-type fish feed production line with different  returns, price, the  day-to-day output is 1-5 tons, which  satisfies the  manufacturing  need of 0-30 ,000 acre of aquaculture feed.

When  selecting  drifting fish feed making  maker, we  have to first understand the many  qualities of  water feed:

Small pellet  dimension.  As a result of the short digestive tract of  water animals  as well as related physiological  attributes, in order to  quicken digestion  and also absorption, fish feed  need to be  squashed with a  smaller sized pellet size than livestock  and also  chicken feed.

High in  healthy protein and low in  carbs. The protein content of  animals  and also  fowl feeds is generally less than 20%, while the protein  web content of  marine animal feeds is  mainly 30% to 40%,  as well as the protein  material of turtle and eel feeds is as high as 65% to 70%.

The pellet feed made by  drifting fish feed pellet  maker has a  small structure, high cohesiveness and water resistance. For shrimp feed, the  security of the pellet feed in water for more than 2 hours is  needed to  generate  premium aquatic feed. Only the use of extruded fish feed can  attain water  security sexual  impact.

It  needs to  count on  clinical  and also  affordable  handling  innovation  and also  incorporate it with  progressed,  reputable  as well as  steady  drifting fish feed pellet  maker.  Hereof, the  option of floating fish feed pellet  equipment is  especially critical.

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1. Why use floating fish feed pellet  equipment?

With the  growth of aquaculture in the direction of scale,  increase  as well as specialization, its  demands for aquaculture feeds are  obtaining higher and higher.  Standard powder compound feeds, granular  substance feeds and other types of  substance feeds all exist the  downsides of poor water  security,  rapid sedimentation, easy to  trigger feed loss  as well as water  air pollution, etc,  have actually become  increasingly more unsuitable for the  growth of  contemporary aquaculture.

And extruded fish feed made by  drifting fish feed pellet machine  resolves these disadvantages, more and more  tank farming farmers and floating fish feed mill installs floating fish feed extruder machine. Wet  procedure twin-screw floating fish feed pellet  device, the output can reach 1800-2500kg/ h in one  hr.

The  completely dry process does not  call for a boiler. The wet  procedure of  drifting fish feed pellet machine  calls for a boiler, with high  outcome  and also  consistent aging, which can be  chosen according to customer  demands. The raw  products are  usually corn  as well as wheat bran,  and also fish  dish and  various other  solutions can be  included according to customer requirements.

The  dimension  series of fish feed that can be  generated: 1mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0mm-10mm ( personalized molds according to  consumer  demands).

 Extent of application: It can produce  as well as process catfish feed,  yard carp feed, crucian carp feed, tilapia feed, ornamental fish, turtle feed,  bunny feed, bullfrog  as well as  various other aquarium feed pellets.  Drifting fish feed, sinking fish feed.

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2. Advantages of floating fish feed pellet  equipment.

After  greater than  10 years of experience  as well as  constant  study, the screw of the floating fish feed extruder produced by Richi  Equipment has high wear resistance, and is  made from special  products  as well as  unique  procedures.  Considerably  decreases the  reproducing  price of  handling  houses.

The  transmission of the twin-screw floating fish feed pellet machine  embraces the same grinding  equipment as the  automobile, which has high wear resistance  and also  reduced  failing  price. There will be no damage after four or five years of use.

Twin-screw aquaticfloating fish feed pellet  equipment is composed of feeding system-- extrusion system-- rotary cutting system--  furnace-- transmission system-- control system.

Each part of  drifting fish feed pellet  maker  has actually been  developed  extremely  moderately in Richi Machinery combined with 25 years of  manufacturing experience. Such as the rotary  reducing part, the product cutting is stable, and the spiral  components have high wear resistance.

The feeding system,  rotating  reducing system  as well as drive system all adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, which can run smoothly  and also save energy.

Automatic lubrication of floating fish feed pellet  device  lowers mechanical energy  usage  and also prolongs service life.

Our feeding system of floating fish feed pellet  maker  embraces double-screw forced feeding, the feeding is  consistent  and also  broad.

The screw of floating fish feed making  equipment is  constructed from high wear-resistant alloy steel 38CrMoAl, which  has actually been nitrided.

High strength  as well as  use resistance. Anti-fatigue  as well as long  life span.

Different screw length-to-warp ratios are suitable for  various  procedure  demands.

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3. Process flow of floating fish feed mill.

Feeding--  squashing--  barrier bin-- superfine mill-- vibrating screen-- bin-- screw feeder--  dual shaft paddle mixer-- buffer bin-- screw conveyor--  container  lift---  damp floating fish feed pellet  maker-- Air Conveyor-5 * 8m  Vapor Dryer--  Colder.

 Drifting fish feed mill configuration:.

Small floating fish feed  assembly line includes powder mixer,  drifting fish feed pellet  equipment, dryer, oil spray seasoning  device, etc Medium  drifting fish feed  assembly line includes pulverizer, powder mixer, floating fish feed pellet  maker, dryer, cooler,  shaking  display,  gas injector,  product packaging,  and so on Large-scale floating fish feed production line  consist of automatic batching, crushing  and also  blending, puffing and drying, floating fish feed pellet machine, cooling and oil  splashing, automatic packaging,  and so on 

4. What is extruded feed?

Extruded feed is a new technology of feed processing. It is a  procedure of  handling  right into feed  with extrusion to  produce  heat and high pressure.

① First, floating fish feed pellet  maker was  established in the 1930s for the production of pasta. It was later  customized to  generate  pet feed  and also human food such as snacks,  sweet.

 As a result of its high  versatility, the extrusion process can produce foods of  differing  levels of fat, density, shape and size,  as well as it can  likewise  create a  wide array of feeds, including floating, semi-floating,  and also sinking feeds.

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Extrusion  modern technology of floating fish feed pellet  maker  has actually been used to  create shrimp feed since the  very early 1970s,  however it  has actually not been widely  made use of because it swells after extrusion, causing the feed to float on the water for  extended periods of time.

In order to  lower the buoyancy of the feed, fish feed  makers  should  lower the starch  material, which  results in  enhanced  resources  prices.  However with the continuous  advancement of  drifting fish feed pellet  maker extrusion  modern technology.

These  drawbacks  have actually been  considerably  boosted, such as adjusting the  layout and speed of the screw,  transforming the  setup of the mold  as well as the components of the  vacuum cleaner  warmth sink.  Presently, it is possible to  generate extruded feed for shrimp with a  thickness equal to that of pelleted feed.

Extruded feed made by  drifting fish feed pellet machine can  minimize the  expense of raw materials to a  specific  level.  Initially, a lot of wheat starch can be replaced with  less expensive starch.

②  Second of all, due to the humidity, temperature  and also high pressure of the floating fish feed pellet  device,  quickly digestible  compounds can be produced, which  helps with the digestion  as well as absorption  procedure.

After the extruded feed is  broadened, it can produce a  compound that improves  hunger. This creates the  prospective to produce a  extra  eye-catching shrimp feed without  depending on  costly protein.  As a result of the  continual progress of extrusion technology, the  price of  creating extruded feed is expected to be  additional  minimized.

At the same time, the  benefits of extruded feed in  sanitation are  unequaled by pellet feed.  Consequently, floating fish feed pellet  equipment are  anticipated to  come to be  significantly  preferred.

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