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How to preserve chicken feed pellet making m

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Pellet Richi 2/20/2024 1:51:17 AM

 How to  preserve  chicken feed pellet making  maker in  everyday use?

Ring die  chicken feed pellet making machine ( additionally known as ring die granulator, ring die poultry feed pelletizer) belongs to pellet  gas granulation  devices. It is a processing machine that directly presses  smashed  products such as straw, soybean meal, straw, peanut husk, rice husk  right into granules.

Ring die  chicken feed pellet making  device is a SZLH series  tools with good  manufacturing  as well as  top quality.  As a result of the complex design and structure of the  fowl feed  device and high  upkeep requirements,  normal  upkeep  needs to be performed to  guarantee the normal  procedure of the  tools.

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1. Notes on daily  upkeep:

( 1) The  recurring materials in the  chicken feed pellet making  equipment are  typically  gotten rid of  to stop the residual materials from corroding the ring die;

( 2)  Prior to  procedure, the  tools  ought to be filled with lubricating oil to  lower the  heat of the fuselage  brought on by  tools  rubbing;

( 3)  Constantly check whether the  void between the ring die and the pressing roller is within the  typical  array;

( 4)  Routinely  inspect the  rigidity of the  triangular tape  as well as  change it in time;

( 5) The  surface area of the  fowl feed pellet making  equipment should be clean  as well as hygienic,  and also insisting on  cleansing the fuselage of the  fowl feed pellet making  device can  stop the exterior of the fuselage from  deteriorating.

( 6) When the  gadget is  devoid of  bits.  Inspect whether the  product hole is  typical.  Otherwise, you can drill holes with a hand drill.  Take note of the water  web content of the  mixing  product,  and also  readjust the gap between the inner wall of the ring die and the roller;

( 7) The pellet  developing rate is low. The  factor is that the moisture content of the  product is too low,  and also the moisture  material of the  grainy material  need to be increased;

( 8) The pellet surface is  harsh.  Take note of the refueling  products,  quit the cycle extrusion  as well as  confrontation,  as well as achieve the  normal brightness;

( 9) The output is too  reduced. If the feeding is not enough, the opening of the feeder gate can be  boosted. If the  space between the  internal wall of the ring die  and also the roller is too large, the  void can be adjusted to  regarding 0.15 mm. If the powder is agglomerated in the ring die, the agglomeration in the ring die sleeve can be  eliminated.

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2. Which ring die  fowl feed pellet making  equipment is better?

All  type of  fowl feed machinery  and also equipment produced by Richi Pellet  Equipment are  economical, low  power  intake,  secure  as well as  dependable,  simple to  run,  develop in system technology,  small in  framework,  as well as one-stop  solution for complete set of feed  complete projects; Richi Machinery is  completely  outfitted:  chicken pellet  maker, feed crusher, mixer, expander, cooler, stabilizer, crusher, ring die  devices, electrical control system, etc 3. What should be paid attention to when  picking a  chicken feed pellet  equipment?

( 1)  Consider the  fowl feed pellet making  maker  producer

If it is a  large or retail farmer, if conditions permit, you can  straight  inspect the  toughness of the  supplier by  vehicle. Seeing is believing,  yet hearing is false. It all  relies on the  actual grain effect you see in the  examination  equipment.

( 2)  Take a look at the  examination

As long as the  product packaging manufacturer  should have a bad reputation, as farmers, they  need to  understand the  maker's  online reputation in the industry based on  the marketplace  checklist  details for the  very first time,  as well as  offer themselves some  peace of mind.

( 3)  Take a look at the product

The  fowl feed processing  tools is not big or  little, and it is  likewise one thousand yuan to  acquire. After  acquiring, the  initial  examination  has to be  performed to see whether the  total product granulation  result can meet the  adequate  outcome  criterion.

 In other words, the various  chicken feed pellet making machines on the market make farmers do not know how to  select. As a poultry feed  equipment  maker, the  writer reminds most farmers that it is  the most effective to choose the feed  handling that suits them.

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4. The  technique of correct  change of  chicken feed  equipment press roller

Ring die is a ring die accessory die  furnished with ring die  chicken feed pellet making  maker. The materials  typically used to make ring die are alloy steel, carbon steel  and also  stainless-steel. The ring die is an essential accessory of the  fowl feed pelletizer,  as well as  making use of the ring die will directly  impact the service life of the ring die  and also the  high quality of the  ended up pellet feed.

 Change of the  void  in between the ring die  and also the  stress roller For the  modification of the  space between the new ring die}  and also the pressure roller, the ring die  as well as the highest point of the  stress roller  need to be  a little contacted, and the pressure roller  need to be in a state that does not  transform. If the adjustment is made under the poultry feed pellet making  equipment working state, the  stress of the ring die  as well as  journalism roller can be  suitably increased,  yet it  has to be  dropped in moderation.

The  space between the ring die  and also the pressing roller is  as well  big,  as well as  journalism roller can not  turn,  causing blockage of the  fowl feed pellet making machine. If the  void  in between the ring die  and also the  stress roller is  as well  tiny, it will  boost the  damage of the ring die  as well as the pressure roller,  boost the load, and  create damage to the ring die and the  stress roller in severe  instances. visit this web-site 

The  space between the ring die  as well as  journalism roller  ought to be checked in time,  a minimum of  as soon as every four  functioning hours. When  readjusting each pressure roller,  take notice of the  modification  instructions of each pressure roller, so that the moment  amount of each  stress roller relative to the shaft of the  fowl feed pellet making  maker is  no,  to make sure that the  chicken pellet making  maker is not  influenced by  crooked  pressure.

Correctly install or  change ring die  and also  press roller.  Normally, the new  mold and mildew is  outfitted with a  brand-new roller,  as well as the old mold is  geared up with an old roller,  to ensure that the surface  form of the ring  mold and mildew  and also the pressure roller is close to the  form of the profiling state,  as well as the local gap between the ring  mold and mildew  as well as the  stress roller is  about the same.  This way, the  anxiety and discharge of the  whole ring die are  really  consistent, which can  enhance poultry feed pellet making  device  manufacturing efficiency.

 Group maintenance. Pre-shift  examination  must be  performed  for each and every shift, check all transmission  parts,  tools  as well as valves,  include lubricating oil with lithium-based lubricating oil, and  eliminate iron filings from iron  devices.

Before assembly, cleaning  needs to be done to  make certain that all mating surfaces are clean. Pay  unique attention to the cleaning of the annular die screw holes. If the  product in the ring die screw  opening is  unclean, it is  very easy to  create cracking of the ring die  screw hole when tightening the ring die bolt. Tighten the  fowl feed pellet making  equipment ring die bolts with a torque wrench to  guarantee the specified tightening torque.

When  putting together the pressure roller, pay attention to the inspection of the bearing. Once  harmed, it  must be replaced in time. After the  fowl feed pellet making  maker rollers are assembled,  see to it that there is a  particular gap  to ensure that the rollers can  revolve  openly. The pressure rollers must be  full of oil  promptly every shift.  As soon as the pressure roller  lacks oil, the bearing  as well as the  stress roller shaft  will certainly be  melted,  and also the  whole pressure roller  will certainly be scrapped in  severe cases.

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