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Application of fish feed pellet extruder in drifting fish feed handling

 In the last few years, the application of fish feed pellet extruder extrusion  innovation to feed production is an epoch-making  jump in feed  manufacturing  innovation. The  primary  benefits of extruded granulation:

( 1 )The processing  temperature level is high  as well as the  wetness  material is  big,  as well as the  product can be  completely  developed and degraded. The pellets are of  high quality  as well as the feed titer is high;

( 2 )The  flexible range of pellet  thickness is  big, which can adapt to the  needs of  numerous feeding  items and  various feeding  settings.

( 1) Puffed suckling pig feed

The  essential  signs of suckling pig feed are  health  and also  growth to prevent suckling pigs from  looseness of the bowels. The raw  products are treated with  heat  and also high pressure, on the one hand, it  eliminates pathogenic bacteria, on the other hand, the starch material is  totally  prepared,  as well as the soybean  healthy protein is denatured  and also  cleansed, so that the  product is easy to digest  as well as  take in. Gelatinized starch can  boost the production of lactic acid in  pets  as well as  improve the  anti-bacterial  capability of  pets.

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( 2) Extruded  water feed

The aquatic feedl is extruded  as well as granulated by fish feed pellet extruder, which  boosts the quality of the product from all  facets.

① Improved feed titer. Extrusion ripens the starch, which  is essential for fish as raw starch is  hard to digest. The starch is  prepared, the cohesiveness of the material is improved,  and also the forming  result is  great. On the  facility of  making certain the  high quality of pellets, the formula can be  adapted to  lower  prices.

② The floating time of pellets in water is controlled by the  thickness of pellets,  as well as the  thickness is determined by the degree of puffing by fish feed pellet extruder.

 Consequently, by  readjusting the formula,  readjusting the  range  as well as content of starch and binder,  and also adjusting the  procedure  specifications, that is, adjusting the moisture, pressure,  temperature level,  and so on, extruded pellets with  various densities can be produced.

( 3) Puffed chicken feed

The formula of chicken feed  consists of high starch  product  as well as 15% -20%  healthy protein  product at the same time. For this proportion,  despite the  completely dry floating pellet machine or the  damp  drifting pellet  maker, the technological  efficiency is better.

Experiments have shown that  blowing can  enhance the digestion  and also absorption  price of feed for  hens. Extruded chicken feed, because of its small  mass  thickness, can  minimize chicken feed  consumption,  stay clear of  excessive weight,  as well as improve egg production.

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( 4) Puffed cattle feed (urea puffed corn).

Ruminants such as cattle  and also sheep can  transform non-protein nitrogen (such as urea) into  pet protein. The  secret to adding urea to feed is  just how to  manage the  enhancement  quantity,  consistent feed  consumption and urea decomposition rate. Urea-expanded corn  fixes these problems most  successfully.

The urea, corn flour  as well as additives are mixed in a certain  percentage  and afterwards  go into the  drifting pellet  device, the corn flour is expanded,  as well as the gelatinized starch and urea form a  finishing  framework. Urease inhibitors  hinder the activity of urease. It  prevents the  launch  price of ammonia after urea  disintegration from  2  facets, and  prevents ammonia poisoning caused by excess ammonia.

( 5) Rice bran preservation  therapy.

Fresh rice bran  consists of very active lipolytic enzymes, which can  rapidly  decay the oil  included in rice bran into  totally free lipids.

 Fat  and also rancidity, so the  storage space performance of fresh rice bran is extremely poor. The rancid  and also spoiled rice bran not  just  decreases the oil yield, but  likewise  influences the growth  as well as  advancement of livestock and poultry if fed as feed.

 As a result, fresh rice bran  should be kept fresh in time. Extrusion, high temperature, high pressure and high shear can inactivate lipase and  avoid rancidity  as well as  wear and tear. Extrusion has become a  brand-new pretreatment  procedure in rice bran oil production.

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( 6)  Detoxing of oilseed meal  healthy protein.

 Along with soybean cake ( dish), the cake (meal)  acquired from rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower seed, castor  as well as other oilseeds  additionally  includes a  specific  quantity of protein, which is an  superb source of feed  healthy protein. However,  numerous oil cakes (including soybean meal) can not be directly  made use of to formulate feed,  since they all contain a  specific  quantity of anti-nutritional  elements or other  hazardous  parts.

Oil cake ( dish)  need to be  cleansed  prior to it can be  utilized.  Cleansing  techniques  consist of chemical and physical methods. Oilseed cake ( dish) extrusion  detoxing is a modern  innovation  put on oil cake (meal)  therapy by extrusion  innovation.

( 7)  Plume puffing processing.

 As a result of the existence of disulfide bonds  as well as hydrogen bonds between feather polypeptide chains, the structure of  plume protein is  especially stable, and animal digestive enzymes are  essentially  not able to  absorb  as well as  decay, so the feather extrusion  innovation has been  established.

After the feather is extruded and puffed, its disulfide bond is broken, the molecular structure is  ruined, and the  digestion enzyme is  very easy to digest and  disintegrate, and the digestibility is improved. The digestibility is  associated with the  level of degradation and extrusion temperature.

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When the  drifting pellet  device extrusion temperature is high, the digestibility of the puffed  plume product  rises, but the amino acid content of the product  reduces  likewise,  and also the protein  top quality of the product  reduces.

Feather  dish has high  healthy protein  web content,  yet the amino acid is not  stabilized enough. In order to solve this problem,  poultry viscera,  hen blood  and also  plumes can be  combined  as well as  refined  right into intestinal  plume meal.

Fish feed pellet extruder  squeezing out  innovation is a feed  handling technology  created at the end of the 20th century. Pressure cutting has a  great  impact on controlling the density of extruded products,  giving a  brand-new  approach for processing high-demand aquafeeds.

 Making use of waste  vapor  as well as waste  warm for conditioning makes the  device  extra environmentally friendly  and also adapts to the  fad of the times. Extrusion  innovation of fish feed pellet extruder is  extensively used in aquatic, swine and ruminant feeds, which has a significant  result on  transforming feed  high quality  as well as reducing costs.

With the development of fish feed pellet extruder extruding technology,  even more  thorough research is needed on how to accurately  manage the expansiveness and extruding  top quality of extruded feed,  and also  boost the automation of extruding.

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