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Assembly line of organic plant food pellet makingm

Pellet Richi
Pellet Richi 11/28/2022 5:53:12 AM

 Assembly line of organic plant food pellet making machine

The organic fertilizer  equipment is composed of organic fertilizer fermentation turner,  plant food pulverizer, mixer,  natural  plant food pellet making  equipment, organic fertilizer  clothes dryer, cooler,  evaluating machine,  storage space  container,  automated  product packaging  equipment, belt conveyor,  and so on.

Processing livestock and poultry manure, straw rice husks, biogas sludge,  cooking area waste, municipal waste  and also other  natural materials  right into  natural fertilizers can not only  lower environmental pollution but  likewise turn waste into  prize.

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1. Process  circulation of  natural  plant food pellet making  equipment line

① After the fermentation of the organic  plant food raw materials is completed, it  gets in the organic  plant food pulverizer  as well as is  grated into powder. The powder  gets in the  natural  plant food mixer  and also  includes  supporting  products for stirring.

After  mixing evenly, it enters the organic fertilizer pellet making machine to make granules, and the  generated granules are  dried out. The  wetness of the particles is  lowered to 10-20% in the  equipment,  and afterwards  goes into the  air conditioning  equipment for cooling.

After  cooling down, it  goes into the screening machine for  testing,  as well as the unqualified products are  evaluated  as well as  returned to  right into the pulverizer by the return belt conveyor to be  squashed,  and also screened out. The finished product can be packaged directly.

② The  dealt with  animals manure is  straight  transferred to the raw  product silo (or  resources mixer);.

③ The  animals manure is  carried to the disc homogenizer  as well as  equally  contributed to the  turning disc of the disc organic fertilizer pellet making  equipment; the liquid  element or an appropriate amount of water is sprinkled on the  fluid component distributor of the disc organic  plant food pellet making  maker.

The  product in the disc can meet the  fluid  stage required for  sphere formation; the rotating disc  and also the edge of the disc produce friction and centrifugal  result on the material, so that the material can  relocate a circumferential  instructions,  and also the powder particles can be rubbed and  pressed against each other.

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 As a result of the difference in particle mass, the resulting gravitational  as well as centrifugal  results are not the  exact same. When the gravitational and centrifugal effects are  enhanced enough to  get over the  rubbing between  fragments, they will be thrown out of the disc.  Tiny particles still  stay in the disc  as well as continue to agglomerate  great  fragments;.

④ Transport to the organic fertilizer dryer,  and also exchange  warmth with the heat from the  warm blast  cooktop;.

⑤ The pellets are  delivered to the  warm  testing for  arranging, and the  great  bits are directly  gone back to the disc  natural  plant food pellet making  equipment, as the core to continue to participate in the  bond of the particles  right into  spheres;.

⑥ Transport to the  natural fertilizer  colder, and cool the fertilizer by  all-natural cold air or  required  cool air;.

⑦ Transported to the  completed product  testing machine, the large particles are  squashed by the pulverizer and  went back to the disc homogenizer to  remain to participate in ball  development;.

⑧ The qualified products after screening are sent to the  layer  device for  covering treatment;.

⑨  Transportation to  automated  product packaging scale for  considering,  product packaging  and also storage;.

⑩ Drying, cooling  and also workshop  dirt are  left  as much as the  requirement after three-stage  therapy by cyclone dust collector,  maze  dirt  elimination chamber  and also  damp  cleaning.

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2. Advantages of making manure pellets.

The production of  animals manure  natural  plant food by granulation process has the  adhering to advantages:.

( 1) The  procedure is intuitive,  and also the  procedure of the  natural  plant food pellet making  device can be  realized  at any moment. If it is  located to be  irregular, it can be  changed in time;.

( 2) The size of the  bits is  established by the inclination angle and  turning  rate of the disc,  as well as the  disposition rate  and also  turning  rate of the disc can be adjusted.  Consequently, the disc  natural  plant food pellet making machine granulation process has a  vast control  variety for  fragment size, strong adaptability, and a  extremely high spheroidization rate., can reach 70% ~ 90%;.

( 3) The organic fertilizer pellet making machine production process of the poultry manure  natural fertilizer is short, the structure is simple, the investment is low,  and also the  procedure is easy, which is  preferable for  little and medium-sized  business.

The  natural  plant food pellet making  device is lined with polypropylene polymer smooth plastic plate, which is  challenging to  adhere to the wall. It  appropriates for the annual output of more than 100,000 to 300,000  loads. It has steam conditions for nitro and urea  thaw spray granulation  and also water spray granulation.

Compound  plant food granulation is a  procedure in which  standard fertilizer is  blended and granulated with a drum  natural fertilizer pellet making  device as the core equipment; the  blended acid and synthetic ammonia are reacted in a tubular reactor in proportion to  produce  substance  plant food slurry which is  straight sprayed  right into the drum for granulation.

A  specific  percentage of nitrogen, phosphorus  and also potassium is  generated in the  natural fertilizer pellet mill to  create a sulfur-based  substance fertilizer. The product has the  features of  consistent granulation,  brilliant  shade, stable quality,  adequate nutrients, easy to dissolve  as well as be absorbed by crops,  and so on, especially as seed fertilizer is  fairly safe.  Appropriate for all  sort of soil  as well as  plants.

Richi  Equipment is a designated  supplier of organic fertilizer pellet making  maker designated by the  Eco-friendly  Advancement Committee, with a plant area of 39,800 square meters. Our company has strong technical force,  high-grade  team  and also CAD  layout  facility,  as well as has been  dedicated to the research, production and  growth of organic fertilizer equipment  and also  substance BB  plant food equipment for a long time.

 Supply  brand-new  as well as old customers with  extensive services of organic  plant food pellet making machine  assembly line  procedure design,  tools production,  installment  and also  appointing,  as well as formula one-stop  solution. The products cover all parts of the  nation  and also are exported to South Africa  as well as Southeast Asian countries.

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