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Fish feed drifting pellet making equipment form

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Pellet Richi 2/20/2023 8:25:26 AM

Fish feed drifting pellet making equipment for sale

The  major function of the fish feed  drifting pellet making  maker is to directly  squeeze out puffed food.  Typically, cereals, potatoes or beans are used as the  primary raw materials.

After being  squeezed out by thefloating fish feed making  equipment, under the  problems of high temperature and high pressure, the product is puffed by using the pressure difference inside  and also outside the machine

The  straight extrusion type  blew food  normally does not  include lead,  and also  currently the fish feed  drifting pellet making machine is widely  utilized in the food  sector. So how much do you  learn about the  drifting fish feed extruder? The fish feed  drifting pellet making  maker has a pair of screws  as well as a screw sleeve, which have the functions of  blending  as well as kneading.

After the raw material  gets in the  squeezing out  dental caries, the  product is subjected to extrusion,  rubbing and shearing between the screw sleeves,  as well as the  inner pressure  remains to  increase,  approximately 4Mpa, and the temperature  remains to rise, up to 140 ℃.

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Within 3-7s, the temperature  and also  stress of fish feed floating pellet making  equipment rise sharply, and the tissue  framework of the  product  adjustments, which  even more gelatinizes the starch, denatures the  healthy protein,  damages the crude fiber, and  eliminates  dangerous  microorganisms such as Salmonella.

The high-temperature and high-pressure material  appears of the discharge port,  as well as its  stress is  instantly  launched in an  immediate,  as well as the  wetness is partially flashed.

1. The  framework of floating pellet making  device.

The feeder is to  make sure uniform  as well as  secure feeding,  as well as adjust the feeding  quantity according to the  ranked  present value of the  electric motor of fish feed  drifting pellet making  maker.  Normally, an  electro-magnetic speed-regulating motor or a  regularity converter is  made use of to  readjust the speed, and the feeding  quantity of the feeder is  altered.

 Development cavity of fish feed floating pellet making  equipment is  made up of screw, screw sleeve,  theme, card bone and so on. The screw  as well as screw sleeve are combined in  areas, the compression degree can be adjusted according to the  kind  as well as  needs of the extruded feed,  and also the extruded  level of the extruded feed can be  altered;

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The fish feed floating pellet making  device is  separated into  3 sections in terms of collapse  level according to function  and also  place:

① Feeding  area: This section of  drifting fish feed machine has a  huge screw pitch,  and also mainly conveys  and also  presses the material  to make sure that the  product  loads the spiral groove;

② Compression section: The screw groove of this section changes from deep to shallow along the material  relocating direction to compress the material;

③ Extrusion section: the screw groove is shallower, the pitch  progressively  diminishes, the extrusion force can reach 3.0-10Mpa,  and also the temperature can  get to 120-150 degrees Celsius. This section has the  greatest  stress and  highest possible temperature, so the wear of the screw  as well as screw sleeve is  likewise  one of the most  significant.

The  electrical outlet of the extrusion  area is a template, the  form of the  design template is  created with different die holes according to the  requirements of different feeds, the material is  squeezed out from the die hole of the template  and also  gets in the atmosphere, the  stress  and also temperature  decline  dramatically,  as well as its  quantity  broadens  swiftly, the water  promptly evaporates,  dries out  as well as  strengthens to  end up being an extruded  product.

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2.  Repair service of fish feed floating pellet making  maker

Turn the fish feed floating pellet making machine on-site control  button to the  quit state  throughout  upkeep;

The inside and  beyond the fish feed floating pellet making  device  needs to be  cleaned up after each  change,  specifically the  product  ought to not be  maintained in the puffing chamber, so  regarding avoid it being  hard to  tidy up after cooling  as well as  jumble;

The  huge  wheel of the main shaft of the puffing chamber  need to be  cleansed frequently,  as well as not too much  dirt, otherwise the  wheel  will certainly be  out of balance  and also the puffing chamber  will certainly  shake;

The  primary bearing of the  development chamber is  lubed with lubricating oil,  and also the bearing of the fish feed  drifting pellet making machine conditioner and its transmission  gadget  as well as  various other bearing parts are  lubed with  oil;

The  primary bearing  needs to be replaced with new oil  on a regular basis. After 250 hours of  job, all  brand-new oil must be  changed;

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Other bearing parts, every  2 days of work, grease is injected  as soon as; 

The chain transmission  system on the  heavy steam conditioner should be lubricated  regularly;

The oil in the reducer of fish feed floating pellet making  maker  ought to be  regulated at the  adjusted oil  degree, and the  brand-new oil  needs to be  changed after 250  hrs of operation;

When  getting rid of the screw head, do not knock it hard;

Always keep the fish feed  drifting pellet making  equipment  and also its  environments  tidy.

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