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Floating fish feed pellet extruderm

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Floating fish feed pellet extruder technology

In the  manufacturing of extruded feed, the  primary  devices is a screw fish feed pellet extruder. The material is fed  right into the fish feed pellet extruder,  as well as the screw screw pushes the  product to  develop an axial  circulation.

At the same time,  as a result of the mechanical  rubbing  in between the screw  and also the  product, the  product  as well as the barrel, and the material inside the material, the  product is  highly  pressed,  mixed, and sheared, and  therefore, the material is further  fine-tuned  as well as homogenized.

As the  stress gradually increases, the  temperature level  raises  as necessary. When the paste  product is  expelled from the die hole, under the action of a strong pressure difference, the  product is puffed by  drifting fish feed making  maker, dehydrated  and also cooled. The puffed  item  hangs,  permeable, crisp,  and also has  great palatability  and also flavor.

The fish feed pellet extruder puffing technology breaks through the  standard processing technology, makes the physical  residential or commercial properties of the feed  modification qualitatively, greatly  advertises the development of the feed  handling  sector and the  reproducing  sector,  as well as is a  significant  technology in the feed industry.

The fish feed pellet extruder  blowing  procedure is a  procedure that integrates various operations such as  blending,  working, shearing,  home heating,  and also cooling. The following is a  details analysis from the  elements of  thickness control,  automated control  and also energy  conserving and  intake  decrease.

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1.  Thickness control  modern technology

In the extrusion process of fish feed pellet extruder, there are  numerous  aspects that affect the density of feed, such as  refining technology, fish feed pellet extruder equipment,  refining parameters,  procedure control, feed  basic materials, formula  and so forth.

It is  viable to control the product density by  altering the raw material or formula,  yet it has little application  worth; by changing the screw  setup, the  thickness control of the extruded feed  item can be  recognized, but the operation is  troublesome.  Thickness control can also be  accomplished by  changing the operating parameters.

 Additionally, in the fish feed pellet extruder  handling of  water feed, in order to meet the feeding requirements of  marine animals, the ups  as well as downs of  marine feed  ought to be  regulated,  as well as the ups  and also downs of feed are  very closely  pertaining to density, so density control is applied in the  manufacturing of aquatic extruded feed.

Technology is  especially  vital. At present, controlling the density of extruded products is mainly  accomplished by  managing the  stress  and also  temperature level. The  major  approaches are as follows:

( 1 )Open a  stress relief  opening on the  squeezing out  dental caries, and  connect the pressure  alleviation hole when  creating floating feed, so as to meet the  requirements of  heat and high pressure for processing floating feed.

 Open up the pressure relief hole when feeding, so that when the material  gets to the pressure  alleviation  opening, the  stress in the sleeve is partially released, and at the same time, some water vapor is  additionally discharged from the  stress relief  opening.

These materials are extruded by fish feed pellet extruder to the end of the extruding  dental caries  and afterwards  compressed to obtain a  hefty feed with high bulk density. This  stress relief  opening can  likewise be  utilized to evacuate,  to make sure that the  product loses part of the water vapor during the forced  motion.

This fish feed pellet extruder  procedure  technique  understands the control of the  thickness of the extruded product by controlling the  stress in the  squeezing out  dental caries, and the  result will not be  impacted  due to the fact that the feeding  quantity does not  require to be  lowered.

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( 2) A  stress  controling  tool is added in the  drifting fish feed extruder  device (pressurization before the die). The pressure  guideline of the fish feed pellet extruder is to install a shut-off valve between the extrusion  tooth cavity and the discharge  layout to adjust the  stress difference between the extrusion  tooth cavity  as well as the  beyond the extrusion cavity.

( 3 )Pressure cutting  innovation (post-mold pressure). A  brand-new  kind of density control system was developed for aquafeed. This density control system of fish feed pellet extruder adopts pressurized cutting  modern technology to maintain a certain  favorable pressure in the cutting chamber.

When the material enters the  reducing chamber from the puffing chamber,  because the boiling point of water  enhances with the pressure, the flash  dissipation can be  minimized to  manage the  level of  growth of the  product,  as well as the starch  particles are  instantaneously  strengthened in the  reducing chamber,  and also the  product no longer  gets in the  regular  stress from the  reducing chamber.

The  favorable  stress of the cutting chamber can be realized by inputting compressed air with an air pump, and the  follower can be  shut off when discharging.

This fish feed pellet extruder process  approach  prevents  regulating other  variables that  impact the  level of  development,  therefore  minimizing the need for manual operation, and at the same time, the controllability is stronger than  various other methods.

 Today, this  brand-new fish feed pellet extruder technology  has actually not been applied in China, but this  modern technology  transcends to the exhaust method in terms of density control of extruded products and operation  and also  usage, and is a  brand-new direction for the development of extruded  innovation.

( 4)  Managing the opening  price of the  theme. By  altering the opening rate of the discharge  design template, the pressure  distinction  prior to and after the  design template can be  transformed, so  regarding  accomplish the purpose of  managing the density of the  item. The hole is  obstructed.

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2. Automatic control of fish feed extrusion  procedure

The  automated control of the fish feed pellet extruder extrusion process refers to the  fast  and also  accurate control of the  procedure  criteria by equipping the extrusion  tools with a computer-aided control system.

The application of  automated control technology in the fish feed pellet extruder puffing  procedure can not  just  boost  job efficiency, but also improve  item  top quality stability. Models of automatic control at home  as well as abroad

There are  research studies on all sides. The automatic control  modern technology of the fish feed pellet extruder  blowing process has made  fantastic  development,  and also a visualization control system of the puffing  procedure  has actually been  established. The  squeezing out system of fish feed pellet extruder based on FIX  commercial  setup software realizes the visual control of the extruding  procedure

The  sensing unit can be  utilized to conduct on-site detection  and also  comments on the operating  criteria of the fish feed pellet extruder, automatically  change the relevant working  specifications of the floating fish feed pellet  maker,  as well as  recognize various  predetermined by the  driver.

 Functioning parameters, with formula storage,  record printing,  alarm system,  vibrant  display screen and recording of  functioning parameters.  International computer  automated control  innovation has already been  used in the field of feed  handling

In the entire fish feed pellet extruder process, it has been  created from a  solitary  computer system control system to an  sophisticated  automated control system, which can  show  shade  photos in the central control  space, computer program control and  interaction network for floating fish feed making  device operation, it can  finish all production procedures without unmanned operation.

In general, the automatic control of puffing in feed  handling abroad has been developing towards the direction of combining with product quality.

While the introduction of computers in my country is  mostly to  fix the  trouble of production automation, only  concentrating on the  tracking of  tools operation in the production process  and also the control of stand-alone  tools. It  has actually not played its due  function in  boosting  item  top quality  and also other  facets.

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3.  Power  conserving in extrusion process.

The  issue of energy  conserving and  usage  decrease is the  study  emphasis in the fish feed pellet extruder extrusion  procedure.

 Presently, it is  generally  via the  research study of  reduced  power  intake  handling technology and the influence of  major  procedure  specifications on energy  usage,  as well as the establishment of corresponding mathematical models to achieve the  objective of  power saving  and also  usage reduction.

In order to  minimize the energy  usage in the fish feed pellet extruder puffing process, some  residential feed  suppliers mainly take measures from the  procedure.  For instance, in the production  procedure of  nursing pig feed, the corn raw material used is not full puffed  product, but part of the puffed material and part of the conventional material.

In the later fish feed pellet extruder granulation  procedure, processes such as expansion  and also  reduced temperature granulation are  made use of to ensure that the energy consumption  each  item is  lowered.

From the above analysis, it can be seen that it is still a bottleneck  issue  exactly how the process  specification research in the fish feed pellet extruder  blowing  procedure can be  personified in reducing  power consumption  and also can be  understood in actual production.

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