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Fowl feed handling maker selectionm

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Pellet Richi 3/9/2023 8:10:17 AM

 Fowl feed  handling  maker selection principle

There are  concepts in the  choice of  total sets of poultry feed  handling  maker, as  adheres to:

( 1) The  chicken feed  handling  maker  utilized  generally feed mill factories are  mostly ring die  chicken feed  handling  device, which are  preferable for  harsh feed granulation. When choosing a  design, the  primary consideration is the rationality of structural  layout,  convenience of  procedure,  flooring  room, power  usage, and  option of  components  and also  parts.

( 2) The pellet  colder is to  preserve the  great storage of the product after granulation,  and also is an  essential  procedure after granulation.

( 3) Feed pulverizer is a  gadget that needs to be  made use of  prior to feed processing and molding, which can  conserve power  usage and improve the digestion  and also absorption rate of  animals  and also poultry.  Today,  nearly all feed mills  make use of hammer mills, which can  decrease the  squashing rate.

( 4) According to the  customer's feeding  range  and also feed  intake, choose  various types of pelletizer  devices.  Typically, the ring die  chicken feed pellet making machine can be used for  residence feeding. The  devices can be  created by lighting electric, small  impact,  very easy to  relocate  as well as  reduced power consumption. If the  customer feeds on a larger scale, such as a  fowl feed  handling plant, you can  select the SZLH  chicken feed  handling  equipment, which can produce about 800kg-1  heap per hour. These  2  versions are the  very successful  versions of the RICHI  manufacturer.

( 5) It is  extremely important to choose a suitable feed pellet  device in the  manufacturing  procedure. I hope that the introduction of the above  material can be helpful for  individuals to  pick the  approach of pellet  device.

 Information of  power  conserving in the  handling of feed pellets

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1. Granulation  procedure

( 1) Under the  property of  making sure the  toughness, the opening rate of the ring die of the poultry feed processing machine and the  display of the crusher should be increased as  long as possible, so  regarding  boost the  manufacturing  performance and  decrease the power consumption.

( 2)  Make use of the ring die  fixing  equipment to repair the ring die in time to improve the granulation  effectiveness.

( 3)  Fairly  manage the  result,  change the die roll  space, improve the granulation efficiency, and  extend the life of the ring die  as well as  journalism roll.

( 4)  Consistently adjust or replace the blades of the conditioner of the  fowl feed pellet making machine,  as well as  raise the  mixing  pole of the conditioner to  boost the conditioning  result and  boost the  outcome.

2.  Components  and also  blending

( 1)  Boost the central control  procedure skills  and also  sychronisation  degree.

When the operator receives the production order, according to the  manufacturing order. The  amount of raw materials in stock  as well as the  stockroom  ability of the batching  storehouse,  identify the type,  series  as well as quantity of  inbound  products to  make certain the continuous  procedure of the mixer, and will not stop  manufacturing  as a result of the  damage of some  basic materials. top article 

 Affordable feeding  will certainly  guarantee that the crusher  begins  much less  often within a  particular  amount of time,  and also the air transport time is the shortest.

When  generating granular  products and  focused materials at the same time,  figuring out the  ideal  changing time is an  vital guarantee to  keep continuous  manufacturing of the  fowl feed processing  maker.

( 2)  Take on variable  regularity variable  rate controller to  maintain the  electric motor load running stably and  successfully.

( 3) Material  storehouse. The  style of the scale  container shall  guarantee that the material is  released without the use of vibratory or mechanical discharge or mechanical discharge.

( 4) Correctly  established the ingredients, reasonably arrange  hand-operated feeding  as well as liquid feeding,  as well as  enhance the  blending  effectiveness of  active ingredients.

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3. Crushing  web link

( 1) The  dimension of the  filter  opening matches the  smashed  product, and the smooth  surface area of the  screen  installment  deals with  external; the  filter  openings are  organized  up and down; the  filter with high opening rate is  embraced.

( 2) Replace the hammer or replace the hammer  and also  fabric bag in time to  enhance the crushing  performance.

( 3)  Keep a good  unfavorable  stress state of the air  help system and  boost the  outcome. The  follower  arrangement of the  dirt collector is reasonable, the  instructions of the  follower is  right, the air inlet is suitable, the  electro-magnetic  shutoff of the pulse dust collector is  typical, the filter bag is cleaned  on a daily basis,  as well as the air leakage is  identified.

( 4) Feed the  product  uniformly with the transmission to keep the  lots of the pulverizer constant.

( 5) In the pulverization operation, the raw  products that are difficult to  crush and the raw materials that are  very easy to  crush can be  blended to  enhance the pulverization  performance.

( 6) After initial pulverization and micro pulverization, it  goes into the  category  devices to  minimize  extreme pulverization of  basic materials.

( 7) For the  additional  squashing process,  inspect the formula raw materials  and also oil  material, generally  regulated within 5%, and the oil  ought to not be  excessive.

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4. Power transmission

 Chicken feed  handling  equipment transmit power through transmission  gadgets such as bearings, reducers,  as well as transmission belts. Therefore,  firstly, it is  essential to  make certain the  regular  procedure  and also lubrication of the transmission  gadget,  minimize the power loss in the transmission  procedure,  and also  accomplish the  result of  power  conserving.

( 1) Select the  suitable type of  lube  as well as dosage to  make sure that the poultry feed processing  device has a  great working  atmosphere  and also state.

( 2) Maintain the  appropriate  stress of the drive belt, replace the  used drive belt,  as well as  make use of  pulley-blocks  and also  various other  tools that match the drive belt.

( 3)  Stay clear of the  resonance of the transmission  devices  because of the loose chain,  and also  maintain the chain at an  proper  rigidity.

( 4) Keep the transmission clean,  without  dust and waste  build-up, avoid  regional overheating,  as well as  permit  totally free  circulation of air around the  equipment reducer.

( 5) When the  fowl feed  handling machine  need to  operate at  numerous speeds,  change the mechanical  and also adjustable belt drive with an  air conditioner variable  regularity drive.

( 6)  Reduce or avoid the use of pneumatic  sharing systems.

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