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Influence of floating fish feed pellet makingm

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Pellet Richi 1/5/2023 8:47:55 AM

Influence of floating fish feed pellet making equipment

Although the application of  drifting fish feed pellet making machine extrusion  modern technology in the feed  sector started late, the  growth speed is very fast,  and also the application  array is  additionally relatively wide,  and also it has  also  come to be an  vital  technological  ways in the current feed  handling.

 Nevertheless, how to  utilize the extrusion  innovation  as well as floating fish feed pellet making  device  clinically,  logically,  as well as stably for a  long period of time to maximize its benefits  and also functions is still a  technological  issue that  challenges  lots of feed companies.

1. The  impact of floating feed extruder  maker

( 1)  Impact of extrusion on starch

The starch in the feed is mainly amylose, and because the starch pellets form granular agglomerates, its structure is  small and the water absorption is poor. The starch  gets in the extruder from the floating fish feed making  device conditioner, and in the  shut  atmosphere of  heat  and also high pressure, the macromolecular polymer  remains in a molten state,  as well as the local molecular chain is  removed by  solid pressure and shearing  pressure,  leading to the  destruction of amylopectin.

Floating Fish Feed Production Line 

At the same time, it also  creates the cleavage of the α-1 ,4 glycosidic bond in the amylose,  leading to starch dextrinization,  as well as the starch molecules are broken into short-chain dextrins, which are  weakened  right into soluble  decreasing sugars, which  enhance the solubility, digestibility  and also  taste of starch.

The extruded starch made by floating fish feed pellet making machine, not  just has gelatinization effect, but  likewise saccharification  impact, which  enhances the water-soluble content of starch several times to  lots of times,  offers  positive conditions for the action of enzymes, and  enhances the  application  price of starch in aquatic feed.

( 2) The  impact of extrusion on  healthy protein

 Throughout the  drifting fish feed pellet making  device extrusion process, the protein is subjected to  heat, high pressure and  solid mechanical shearing force in the extrusion cavity, its surface charge is redistributed and  often tends to be  consistent, the molecular structure is stretched  as well as  restructured, and the intermolecular hydrogen bonds,

 Second bonds such as disulfide bonds are  partly  damaged,  leading to the  last denaturation of the  healthy protein. This denaturation makes it  much easier for proteases to  get in the interior of the  healthy protein,  thus improving digestibility.

In the floating fish feed pellet making  maker extrusion  procedure, the  major factors  influencing protein denaturation are temperature, pressure, strong shear  and also the moisture of the extruded material. 

( 3) The effect of extrusion on fat

The inactivation of lipase and lipoxygenase in the feed  boosts the  storage space stability of fat, and  additionally  advertises the formation of fat-starch  facilities  as well as  lowers fat  wear and tear, which is beneficial for fat  storage space.

Full-fat soybeans are  blown to  minimize the  possibility of fat being exposed to air  and also  wear away. In a high-shear  atmosphere, soybean oil cells are  completely  burst,  therefore improving the utilization of fat. Under  moderate  problems, such as the floating fish feed pellet making  device  blowing  temperature level below 100 ℃, the  impact of fat oxidation is small.

As the floating fish feed making  device puffing  temperature level rises from 120 ℃ to 170 ℃, the  dampness  enhances, and the residual time in the extrusion  tooth cavity  boosts, and the fat oxidation value  enhances  swiftly.

 Additionally, there are other  elements affecting the oxidation of fat, such as the  rise of product  surface and  shift metal  components can  speed up the oxidation of fat.

( 4)  Impact of extrusion on  unrefined fiber

 Unrefined fiber feed,  likewise  called  harsh feed, refers to feed with a natural moisture content  listed below 60%  and also a  unrefined fiber content equal to or  greater than 18% in dry  issue. The  unrefined fiber  material in all  sort of straws is more than 20%,  and also the crude fiber  web content in rice husk is 44%, which is the grain  spin-off with the  highest possible crude fiber content in all feeds.

The annual  result of  different types of straw in my country is 5 trillion tons, and the part  utilized for feed is less than 10%.  Compared to the utilization rate of 20% in developed countries, there is a  large  space.

 Via the floating fish feed pellet making machine extrusion  innovation,  because of the humidification, heating, pressurization  and also  growth, the lignin between cells and the layers in the cell wall is  thawed, some hydrogen bonds are broken, the crystallinity is  decreased, and the macromolecular  compounds are decomposed.

The  initial compact structure  ends up being  cosy  and also part of the  absorbable  materials are released,  therefore  enhancing the  usage  price of the feed. The  present research  outcomes  reveal that after the fibers are processed  and also extruded, the  web content of soluble fibers  raises relatively, generally by about 3%.

The fiber  modification is  mostly  influenced by the  drifting fish feed pellet making  maker processing  problems,  as well as obvious changes  will certainly  happen when the  handling  problems are severe.

4-5T/H Floating Fish Feed Plant 

( 5) Influence of extrusion on vitamin.

The high temperature, high  moisture  as well as high pressure of the floating fish feed pellet making  device puffing  procedure will lead to the loss of the biological  task of  different vitamins, among which the vitamins that are  quickly oxidized are particularly  evident.

The vitamins  included or  contributed to the feed are all  shed  because of extrusion processing of  drifting fish feed extruder. The  means to  conquer the loss of vitamin  task  triggered by puffing is to  raise the  quantity of vitamins  contributed to the formula,  to make sure that the  shed residual vitamins can still  satisfy the needs of animals.

( 6) The impact of extrusion on  damaging  materials

The extrusion  procedure of floating fish feed pellet making  maker can not only effectively reduce the anti-nutritional  consider the feed such as antitrypsin, lipoxygenase, aringoxin, etc,  yet  likewise  decay the mustard II  and also Gossypol,  lowering the  web content of its  damaging components.

In addition, for  typical harmful  bacteria in feed raw materials, such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella,  and so on,  the majority of the  unsafe  bacteria can be  eliminated by extrusion.


2. Advantages of  drifting fish feed making  maker

The  equipments of floating fish feed pellet making machine are directly connected to  turn, realizing high-efficiency  power transmission, low noise and small vibration.

The ring die of floating fish feed pellet making  maker  takes on the quick-release hoop type design, which is  very easy to replace, has high  performance and  huge  outcome.

Single-layer or multi-layer stainless steel modulator to  make sure pellet feed.

 Unique  framework, compact,  secure,  reduced  sound, stable work,  easy  procedure  as well as  upkeep,  secure  and also  risk-free.

Suitable for the production of various high-quality livestock and  chicken aquatic feed  and also other pellets.

The floating fish feed pellet making  maker  takes on belt  straight drive  setting, with  massive driving  pressure, stable  turning and low  sound.

The opening area of the ring die is  raised by 25% to achieve the area-to-power  proportion.

 Various  kinds of floating fish feed pellet making  maker modulators and feeders can be selected as required.

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