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Introduction of drifting fish feed makingm

Pellet Richi
Pellet Richi 11/3/2022 12:59:15 PM

Introduction of drifting fish feed making machine

In order to  decrease the feed cost  as well as fish  conditions in aquaculture  ranches, Richi  Equipment has  released a floating fish feed making  maker; the fish pellet feed produced by the fish feed pellet extruder can  properly  protect against  as well as control fish  illness.

1. Use of floating fish feed making  device

Fish feed pellet  equipment is  commonly used in  big,  tool and  tiny aquaculture, grain feed  handling plants, livestock farms,  chicken farms,  private farmers  and also  little and medium-sized farms, farmers or  huge, medium  and also  little floating fish feed production line.

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2.  Preventative measures when  utilizing floating fish feed making  maker

① When the fingerlings are  equipped, when the water temperature is  reduced, the  development is  slow-moving, and the size is  little, the pellet diameter of the feed  need to be  managed at  concerning 2mm; when the temperature  increases  and also the  development of fingerlings is  increased, the diameter of the feed pellets in the mid-term should be 3-3 .5 mm,  as well as  later on in 4-4 .5 mm.

 Consequently, when  utilizing the  drifting fish feed making  maker to process fish pellet feed, the  dimension of the feed pellets should be adjusted according to  various periods to  attain the best feeding  impact.

②  Due to the fact that the fish has no  tummy, the feed  remains in the  digestive tract for a very short time,  as well as the digestion and  usage rate is not high;  for that reason, when feeding the feed, it should be fed  a number of times,  and also each feeding  needs to be a little less feed  use.

③ Fish pellet feed  includes 12% - 14% of water  throughout the floating fish feed making  equipment  manufacturing process, and it is  difficult to store for too long, so  regarding avoid deliquescence,  mold,  as well as disease after feeding the fingerlings, so it is best to  create  as well as feed it at the same time.

④ In order to  far better prevent the  launch of  infected fish fingerlings,  including 1% salt to the feed powder before  manufacturing can effectively  avoid the occurrence of  conditions of fingerlings.

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3. Performance of floating fish feed making  device

  • Scientific  and also  sensible structural  layout,  straightforward,  tiny  impact  as well as  reduced noise.
  •  Little floating fish feed making  device for dry in and  dry,  simple to make materials, high  result  and also low energy  usage.
  • This  drifting fish feed making machine has a high pellet  creating rate, and the resulting pellets have high  firmness  as well as smooth surface, which is convenient for storage  as well as transportation.
  • This model  drifting fish feed making  maker is  geared up with Ø1 .5-- Ø20  type of aperture  mold and mildews, which are suitable for granulation of  various  products and  accomplish  far better results.
  •  Adjust to different  products to  make certain the pressing  impact.
  • Simple operation  and also maintenance, safe and  reputable
  • Solid adaptability to the  office
  • The  drifting fish pellet  device body is cast as a whole, the  framework is firm  and also the  look is  gorgeous,  and also the  life span is long.

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4. Advantages of RICHI  drifting fish pellet  maker

1) Uniform discharge, smooth pellets,  and also output  raised by 50%.

2) The  generated granules by floating fish feed making  maker are formed  at once, with high  firmness, smooth surface and  adequate internal ripening, which can improve the digestion  as well as absorption of nutrients. Better for  storage space.

3) The floating fish feed making  equipment has humanized  layout,  little footprint,  reduced noise, emergency button, simple and safer  procedure.

4) RICHI floating fish food  maker can be  personalized according to customer  demands.

5) RICHI  drifting fish feed making  device  comes from the factory  straight sales, there is no  intermediary, the  cost is cheap, the  earnings is  reduced, and it is all  set up  as well as debugged  prior to delivery,  and afterwards packed  as well as  delivered.

6) RICHI floating feed making  device is  crammed in plastic (plastic waterproof) before  shipment.

7)  Prior to the final  shipment, the  drifting fish feed pellet making  equipment is put on all-wood  product packaging, and the whole  device is  crammed in a  wood box to  make sure that the  drifting pellet  equipment reaches the destination safely  and also without damage.

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5. Process  make-up of floating fish feed extruder:

1) Mixing  device:  Include a  particular  percentage of water to the raw  products, such as corn flour, rice flour, soybean flour, fish meal, meat meal, grain flour,  ingredients, etc,  as well as  blend them evenly.

2) Feeder:  Making use of the motor as the power for screw conveying, the  blended  basic materials are transported to the feeding  receptacle of the floating fish feed extruder  equipment to  make certain convenient  as well as  quick feeding.

3) Twin-screw  drifting fish feed extruder:  When it comes to  heat  and also high pressure  atmosphere and screw extrusion, the mold can be replaced by  readjusting the  procedure to produce different feeds,  and also the  particular pellet  shapes and size can be  transformed.

4) Conveyor: to  carry the feed to the  stove.

5) Multi-layer  stove:  The majority of the  stoves are electric  stoves, the  temperature level is  changed  in between 0-200 degrees through the control  cupboard, and the interior is a  stainless-steel double-layer mesh bag, which  minimizes the  dampness of feed pellets,  advertises the  healing  price,  as well as increases the shelf life.

6)  Spices line: The oil sprayer sprays oil, food attractant,  and so on. The  spices drum  consists of octagonal drum,  cyndrical tube, lifting  solitary drum,  and also  dual drum  spices line. According to the  outcome and  item  residential properties, the oil is  splashed on the surface of the feed,  as well as sprayed at the same time. Minced meat  as well as  seasonings, sprinkle  uniformly.

7)  Air conditioning  and also  sharing:  minimize the temperature of frying and feed, promote the solidification of oil,  lower the temperature of pellets,  as well as  assist in packaging.

8)  Shaking  filter: sieve off excess  exterior  product  as well as pellets at the end of the year to  make certain the  top quality  and also the reuse of  resources.

9) Packaging  maker: manual sealing  maker  as well as automatic packaging  device can be  utilized.

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6. Questions  regarding floating fish feed making  equipment

( 1 ) Q: Which is the best small floating fish feed making machine?

 Solution:  Presently, there are many manufacturers of  little floating fish feed pellet  devices, which are  combined. In order to avoid  acquiring  devices with  low quality,  individuals  ought to  select regular  suppliers to  purchase them.

A  expert floating fish feed making  equipment  producer  need to have the  adhering to three points:

A regular floating pellet  maker manufacturer.

 Superb  device  high quality,

Perfect after-sales service.

( 2 ) Q: Is the small  drifting fish feed making  maker  sturdy? how much is it?

Answer: You  have to be familiar with the  little  drifting pellet  maker. What is the effect of this  device? Is it easy to use? This floating fish feed making  device is a feed  handling  tools specially  created for  reproducing  chicken.

The compound feed formula has a variety of raw materials. Nutritional balance.

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 Minimize disease  as well as  boost survival  price.

 Conserve feed cost for breeders and  boost economic benefits. The  details  rate  calls for the user to  establish the  design first, and then  allow the  drifting pellet  device  supplier quote.

( 3 ) Q: How much is the  rate of the  tiny  drifting feed extruder  maker?

 Solution: The decisive factor for the  rate of the  little floating feed extruder  device  hinges on the  result,  resources and power. The  greater the  result, the higher the  cost of the  matching  drifting fish feed making machine,  as well as the  higher the power, the higher the price.

Therefore,  prior to  acquiring,  initial  determine  just how much output you want,  and after that let the floating fish feed making  device manufacturer give an accurate  quote.

( 4 ) Q:  Just how much is the  tiny fish feed pellet machine?

A: The power of the  little  drifting fish feed making  equipment is 2.2 kw with two-phase  power,  as well as the hourly output of feed pellets is about 60-100  kgs. The price of a  top notch  device with a  electric motor is about 2000-200000USD.

( 5 ) Q: What is  drifting feed machine price?

 Response: Thefloating fish feed pellet mill is a multi-functional feed pellet machine, which can be  utilized to  refine  pet feeds such as chickens, ducks,  as well as geese, improve the survival rate. The price is 2000-200000USD.

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