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Leading fish drifting feed machinem

Pellet Richi
Pellet Richi 11/16/2022 1:53:13 PM

Leading fish drifting feed machine technology

The current fish  drifting feed  maker  items have  ended up being  increasingly more advanced with the  development of  scientific research  as well as  innovation. Now the  brand-new  sort of twin-screw  drifting fish feed extruder  equipment  has actually  established  fairly late in China. After such mechanical materials are  sent out to the conditioner by the  communicating  tools, the  products are conditioned  and also  solidified.

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After being  relieved  as well as  solidified by high-temperature steam in the fish  drifting feed  maker  tool, it  goes into the  blowing mechanism from the discharge trough,  as well as is  promptly  squeezed out  as well as cut into granules from a  specific shape of the die hole under the pumping of a  set of  equally parallel and meshing screws.

 As a result of the  large range of extruded  basic material  attributes, the screw  rate  requires to be  changed within a  big  variety. Its working  concept is  far more  challenging than that of a single-screw fish floating feed  device,  and also there are  big  distinctions in  certain structures, especially the barrel, screw.

The arrangement of the thrust bearing  transmission is  much more  complex, resulting in an  boost in  devices  price.  For instance, the single-screw  embraces a belt for  key transmission, while the twin-screw fish floating feed  maker adopts a  transmission for transmission.  Both have great  distinctions in manufacturing  and also transmission  effectiveness.

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1. Working principle of fish  drifting feed machine

The  functioning  concept of the  drifting fish feed making  maker is  in fact  fairly  easy. As we  stated in the  summary of the  drifting fish feed extruder, the floating fish feed pellet mill uses mechanical energy to  transform thermal  power to  offer kinetic energy.

 Normally the extrusion propulsion of the fish  drifting feed  maker's non-equidistant non-standard screw system, the gas in the material is discharged  as well as  promptly  loaded with the material.

The  product is backflowed by the shear force, which  boosts the  stress in the fish  drifting feed  maker chamber. At the same time, the mechanical energy is converted into  heat through the  rubbing of the material in the chamber, so that the material It becomes a gel state with  moving  residential properties.

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When the  product is squeezed to the outlet, the pressure  adjustments from high pressure to normal  stress  instantly,  as well as from  heat to normal  temperature level  immediately, resulting in the  fast  dissipation of water from the tissue structure.

The friction  in between the materials  totally  blends, squeezes,  warms, glues,  as well as gelatinizes the material to produce tissue changes. The  initial structure of the fish floating feed  maker is  ruined, and  plenty of microporous  frameworks are  created inside. Then,  via the  reducing  gadget, the puffed food is  developed after cutting  as well as cooling.

2. Main  use fish  drifting feed  device

The  primary  objective of the fish  drifting feed  maker extruder is self-evident. The  major function of all fish  drifting feed machines is to puff up food. It can make the food larger and looser after processing. The main purpose of the  blowing  maker is to  expand the food.

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The puffing in the extrusion  dental caries is  really a  heat and  instant process, which plays a  excellent  duty in the  handling of food  basic materials. The state of "popcorn" not only  transforms its physical state,  yet also  alters its  inner organic molecular structure, making the starch easier to  absorb  as well as the protein  much easier to use.

Compared with  normal full-price granular foods,  blown food made by floating fish feed pellet  device have its  special  benefits.

① The palatability of food is improved. After the food raw materials are  blown, the  fragrance is  raised, the palatability is improved,  as well as the  cravings of  pets can be  boosted.

② The digestibility of food is improved. After the food is  blown, the degree of  transforming the long-chain structure of protein, fat and other  raw material  right into short-chain structure  boosts, so it  ends up being  much more digestible.

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3. Performance characteristics of fish floating feed machine

 Reliable first-stage gear transmission to  make certain the transfer of energy;

All stainless steel feeder, variable pitch anti-arching  system,  take on imported  regularity conversion  rate control;

Enlarged  stainless-steel conditioner, which  takes on axial inlet steam,  considerably  enhances  the moment  and also  result of fish  drifting feed  maker conditioning  as well as  treating;

The high-precision transmission gear  as well as  equipment shaft are carburized  as well as  appeased, and the hard tooth surface is ground, which has  secure transmission, low noise and long  life span;

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The material of the gear box  as well as the high  accuracy of the transmission  opening are  ensured by the  spreading technology and CNC machining  devices of the  expert  shop;

The main drive system bearings and oil seals are imported.  As well as a  unique lubrication oil return system of fish  drifting feed  device is set up to  make sure  reputable bearing lubrication;

The  link between the ring die  and also the drive wheel  takes on three-piece quick-release  accuracy  spreading hoop, which is convenient  as well as  fast to disassemble the fish floating feed  maker ring die.

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