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Operating treatments of floating fish feedm

Pellet Richi
Pellet Richi 2/20/2023 8:30:11 AM

 Operating  treatments of floating fish feed maker

1.  Running  treatments of  drifting fish feed machine

( 1)  Preventative measures before starting  as well as after  quiting

①  Examine all parts of fish feed  drifting pellet making machine,  particularly the  attaching screws and  support  screws of each section of the puffing chamber, the  linking  screws between the  electric motor base  as well as the  framework, and the  screw connection between the puffing chamber  as well as the frame,  and also there  should be no looseness;

②  By hand rotate the main shaft,  currently, there  must be no  massaging  audio in the fish feed floating pellet making  equipment puffing cavity;

③ Start the feeding auger of fish feed  drifting pellet making machine,  examine its stepless high-speed performance,  as well as require  regular  procedure;

④ Check  as well as  cleanse the water and gas  courses before starting the fish feed floating pellet making machine, and all filters  require to be  cleaned up;

⑤ Prior to  beginning the fish feed  drifting pellet making  equipment,  examine whether the  circuitry of the  electrical control  component is  right, whether the  turning of each motor is  right, and whether the control is  dependable;

⑥ After the fish feed  drifting pellet making  device is stopped, you  should wear high-temperature gloves, quickly  eliminate the discharge  mold and mildew,  and also immediately clean it while it is hot,  as well as  begin the main motor to empty the  product  gathered in the puffing  dental caries. When the corn is  blown, soybean powder  must be added The  product is rinsed  tidy;

⑦ Pay attention to safety when  discharging the  maker,  and also do not stand in front of the machine to  prevent danger  brought on by residual  stress in the fish feed  drifting pellet making  equipment  tooth cavity;

⑧ After the fish feed  drifting pellet making machine is running  generally, it shall not be  closed down at will.

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( 2) Power on

①  Prior to starting the fish feed  drifting pellet making  equipment,  examine the  bolts,  and also there  have to be no looseness;

② Ensure the  typical supply of steam  as well as water;

③  Guarantee that the power supply  as well as electrical  home appliances are normal;

④  Open up the  vapor  shutoff, preheat the floating fish pellet machine puffing chamber, the  temperature level is about 100  levels;

⑤ Start the fish feed floating pellet making  equipment:  begin the conditioner, start the feeding auger, when there is  product  draining from the outlet of the conditioner, start adding  vapor to the conditioner.

A  percentage of water is added,  as well as the material is fed  right into the  blowing cavity at the same time. After the  product is  squeezed out by fish feed floating pellet making  device, the puffing  impact  as well as  wetness of the  item are  readjusted.

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( 3) Downtime

After the fish feed floating pellet making machine production  pertains to an end, it  requires to be  quit. The stop  series is: feeding auger  and also conditioner. Then wait  till the indicated value of the main engine current on the  electrical control cabinet  ends up being the no-load current  worth,  after that stop the main  electric motor and the oil pump  electric motor.

( When the corn is puffed, about 25 kg of soybeans  must be fed into the bypass feeding port of the first  area of the  blowing  dental caries. To clean the residual corn material in the puffing  dental caries,  and afterwards  quit the  primary  electric motor  to stop the fish feed floating pellet making  maker from  obstructing), then  rapidly  take apart the  blowing  tooth cavity of the tail  area for cleaning.

After cleaning,  use grease to the  internal wall of the  major shaft and screw head (After feeding grease), re-install it  as well as  wait on the next boot;

When you see that the  product  degree  sign on the silo indicates that the  product level has reached the lowest level, start to  get ready for shutdown.  Right now, do not  quit the feeding auger and conditioner, and stop feeding when the  major fish feed  drifting pellet making  maker  present  decreases to the no-load  existing auger  as well as conditioner.

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2.  Procedure  series of  drifting fish feed  maker

( 1 )When puffing soybeans, the two sections at the inlet end of the  blowing cavity are single screw heads, and the three  areas at the  electrical outlet end are equipped with  dual screw heads.

 Initially,  include steam to the  coat to  pre-heat the puffing  dental caries to about 100  levels,  and also  placed the screws on the  blowing cavity at the tail section. After the plug is  tightened up, loosen it for 3-4 turns, and then  tighten up the screw plug to  take care of the screw plug before feeding.

By controlling the stepless high-speed  system of the feeding auger, the feeding speed is from slow to  quickly, and the feeding speed is from  little to  huge. After the soybean  dish is ejected from the screw plug hole, add the cover to enter the  regular production, and  set up the screw  connects with  various apertures to  get soybean meal with  various yields and finenesses.

By  setting up the  cone-shaped pressure rings of different  sizes, the  shown  temperature level of the four-section (discharge end) puffing  tooth cavity is 130-140 degrees. It is  suggested that the  screen of the crusher used for  squashing soybeans should have a diameter of 3-4.

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( 2 )When extruding  grainy feed by fish feed floating pellet making  maker, the  squeezing out screws in the extruding  dental caries are all single screw heads, add steam to the  coat to  pre-heat the puffing  dental caries to about 80 degrees,  as well as  go into the fish feed  drifting pellet making  maker and steam  consistently  relieved  and also tempered powder.

 Regarding 18%, this  should be  performed in the feed conditioner, and the feed  quantity is  managed by the stepless  rate  controling  system from small to large.  Keep in mind that the reading of the ammeter of the  primary motor  need to not exceed the  ranked current of the  major engine of fish feed floating pellet making machine.

 Be careful of  overwhelming the  electric motor  and also  squeezing out  grainy materials. When the  temperature level of the  squeezing out chamber at the discharge end is controlled to an  ideal  level by configuring  cone-shaped pressure rings with different diameters.

The above is the  concept, structure  as well as  running procedures of the fish feed floating pellet making machine  presented by Richi  Equipment. In  search of crispy  preference  and also  great appearance, manufacturers often  include a leavening  representative (or baking powder), which  consists of a  particular amount of aluminum  components, and  produces gas when  warmed during  cooking or frying, and the  raising  representative is inside the food.

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