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Organic fertilizer pellet making equipment form

Pellet Richi
Pellet Richi 11/8/2022 5:24:44 AM

Organic fertilizer pellet making equipment for high dampness products

High-moisture  product organic  plant food  quick organic  plant food pellet making machine is also called wet stirring tooth organic  plant food pellet making  equipment, internal  turning  mixing tooth granulator, this granulator is a  plant food pellet making  maker

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 Damp  natural fertilizer granulator is widely  made use of in the granulation of organic fertilizer.  As a result of the high granulation rate,  steady  procedure,  strong  and also  sturdy  tools, long service life,  as well as  steady base  style, it runs  a lot more  efficiently, so it is selected as the  perfect  item by the  bulk of  individuals.

The  requirements and  versions of the  damp organic fertilizer pellet making  device are 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500  and also other  requirements,  and also can  likewise be customized according to  customer needs.

1.  Functioning principle of organic fertilizer pellet making  equipment

The stirring tooth  natural  plant food pellet making machine  utilizes the mechanical  mixing  pressure of high-speed rotation  and also the resulting  wind resistant  pressure to make the  great powder  product  constantly  understand the processes of mixing, granulation, spheroidization,  as well as densification in the  maker, so  regarding achieve the  function of granulation.

The particle shape is spherical, the  fragment size is  usually  in between 1.5 ~ 4 mm, and the granulation  price of 2 ~ 4.5 mm  bits is ≥ 90%. The particle  size can be adjusted appropriately by the  product mixing amount and the  pin speed.  Typically, the  reduced the mixing  quantity, the  quicker the  rate. High, the smaller the  bits, and vice versa the  bigger the particles.

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The  mixing tooth  natural  plant food pellet making machine  refines the fermented organic  basic materials  right into granules. Compared with the disc granulator, the  return is  greater, the granules are uniform, smooth, high in  stamina and low in water  web content. The temperature after forming is about 30 degrees.

After the fermented  basic materials are  shattered, they are mixed with a mixer  to make sure that the  wetness  web content of the material is  in between 35%  and also 40%. After entering the organic fertilizer pellet making  device,  round  fragments can be processed.

It takes advantage of the  reality that organic fertilizer raw materials are inlaid with each other under a  specific effect,  and also the particles  generated are round, smooth and high in strength. Necessary additives  and also adhesives can also be  included in  more  enhance product  top quality.

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The organic  plant food  basic materials suitable for the stirring tooth organic  plant food making  device include: livestock  as well as  chicken manure,  garden compost  plant food,  eco-friendly manure, sea fertilizer, cake  plant food, peat, soil  and also  assorted  plant food,  3 wastes,  microbes and  community  strong waste, etc.

The qualified granulation  price of this organic  plant food pellet making  device is as high as 90% or  even more, and it  appropriates for a variety of  various  solutions. This machine is most suitable for  straight granulation of organic fertilizer after fermentation, omitting the drying  procedure and  considerably  decreasing the  production cost.  For that reason, the  mixing tooth  natural  plant food pellet machine is  preferred by the  bulk of  individuals.

The organic fertilizer granulator  maker  generated by our  business  remains in short supply,  power saving  as well as environmental protection are  reliable!

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2. The  extent of application of organic  plant food pellet making  device

 Lawn charcoal, sludge, livestock manure, lignite, fermented straw, etc are  made use of as raw materials for  natural  plant food production  and also granulation. The above  information are based on peat, livestock manure,  as well as fermented straw,  and also  various other  basic materials  go through experimental  information.

3. Installation of fertilizer pelletizer  maker.

( 1 ) Installment: The organic  plant food pellet making  equipment needs to pour concrete foundation  prior to  installment to facilitate the transfer of  completed materials, and  repair and  bonded the  natural  plant food pellet making  maker and the embedded iron  with each other  to stop the granulator from moving; channel steel can  additionally be used to weld the  framework.

 Location the granulator on the bottom  framework; it is  likewise possible to dig a pit for  product  transport.

( 2 ) Appointing: After the organic fertilizer pellet making  device is  set up, it is  required to  inspect whether the parts of the granulator are  secured.  After that carry out the no-load  trial run.  Throughout the  trial run, there  have to be no rubbing or touching, no abnormal  sound,  as well as no vibration.

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The  temperature level of each bearing of the organic  plant food pellet mill should  climb  gradually. At the end of the test run, the temperature of each  element  must not be  greater than 50 ℃. There must be no serious wear and tear. When the  trial run  remains in  typical  manufacturing, it  needs to be fed  equally.

( 3)  Upkeep of  natural  plant food pellet making  maker:

a. The bearing is lubricated  as soon as per shift. The lubricating oil  kind is No. 3 calcium-based  oil lubricating oil,  as well as the  filling up  quantity is 1/3 ~ 1/2. The  brand-new lubricating oil  ought to be  changed  frequently. The organic  plant food pellet making  equipment bearing  ought to be  cleaned when  changing.

b. Lubricating oil  have to be added  prior to the reducer is  made use of. The lubricating oil is  normally HJ40-50 mechanical oil, and HL20-30 gear oil can  additionally be  utilized. The oil level of the lubricating oil  need to be within the range indicated by the circular oil mark on the machine base.

After the  initial refueling operation for 100  hrs, the new oil  ought to be  changed, and every six months thereafter,  as well as the oil  ought to be cleaned when  altering the oil.

( 4)  Putting on parts:

a.  triangular belt

b. Bearings

c.  Mixing head

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4.  Directions for  use fertilizer pelletizer

 Prior to  beginning the organic  plant food pellet making  equipment,  examine whether the  link of the machine is loose,  as well as pay  unique attention to whether the  mixing head is loose.

The  natural fertilizer pellet making  maker is  purely  restricted to start with load.

When the  natural  plant food making  maker is  switched off, stop feeding first,  and also  shut off the power after the material in the  equipment is  entirely discharged. Long-term shelving is not necessary to  get rid of the  products in the body to prevent sticking.

It is strictly  prohibited for iron blocks,  rocks, wooden sticks  as well as other sundries to  get in the  maker  to stop damage to the machine.

When  beginning the  major  electric motor, first  focus on the  rigidity of the V-belt. If the V-belt  slides when it is  as well  loosened, the organic fertilizer pellet making  maker will not  revolve  generally.

If it is  as well tight, the service life of the  natural  plant food pellet making  device bearing and the V-belt  will certainly be  influenced.  After that  inspect whether the rotation  instructions is  appropriate, if it  revolves in the opposite direction,  quit and  readjust  instantly.

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