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Organic  plant food pellet making machine available for sale

Bio-organic fertilizers made by  natural fertilizer pellet making  device are specific  items  including  real-time  microbes, which can obtain  details fertilizer  impacts in agricultural  manufacturing. "Bio-fertilizer" is  likewise called  microbial  plant food ( acronym: bacterial fertilizer).

Its types are: nitrogen fixation, root nodule, phosphorus  service, silicate,  prep work, compound, fungus, antibiotic  as well as  various other bacterial fertilizers.

A  natural  plant food pellet making  maker is a molding  equipment that can make materials into  round  forms. The combination of these two granulation  approaches makes the granules with high sphericity and  gorgeous appearance.

This  plant food pelletizer  equipment  is among the  essential equipment in the  substance  plant food  market. It  appropriates for  cool and  warm granulation and large-scale high, medium  and also low  focus compound fertilizers production.

The main working  approach of the organic fertilizer pellet making  device is wet granulation of agglomerates. Through  measurable water or steam, the  standard fertilizer is  completely chemically  responded in the  cyndrical tube after  moisture adjustment. The squeezing force agglomerates into a  sphere.

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The organic fertilizer pellet making  equipment  utilizes the mechanical  mixing force of high-speed  turning and the resulting  wind resistant force to make the fine powder materials  constantly  recognize the processes of mixing, granulation, spheroidization,  as well as densification in the  equipment, so as to achieve the purpose of granulation.

This granulation  technique of the organic fertilizer pellet making machine makes the granules have a high spheroidization  price  and also  gorgeous granules. The  brand-new three-in-one  natural  plant food making  equipment has a  consistent granulation particle size  as well as a granulation rate of  greater than 97%.

It is the preferred granulation  devices for  natural and  not natural  substance  plant foods, organic fertilizers  and also biological organic  plant foods. Compared with the drum organic fertilizer pellet making  device with  rugged  product fiber  and also low spheroidization rate,  as well as the tooth  mixing granulator that can not make  products with nitrogen  web content  going beyond 8% ( very easy to stick to the wall), the  brand-new three-in-one  natural  plant food pellet making  equipment  gets over one of the two.

The disadvantage is that it can not  just  generate  natural  plant foods,  yet also produce organic-inorganic compound fertilizers with low energy consumption  and also  excellent quality.

The shell of the  natural  plant food pellet making  maker is welded with  enlarged high-quality carbon steel plate,  and also the supporting equipment  consists of tugboat  components, tugboats, transmission  components, wind head, wind tail and so on. The whole machine is  strong  as well as  sturdy, not easy to deform. The base  style is  steady  as well as the operation is  extra  secure.

1. Organic fertilizer pellet making  equipment process:

 Include the qualified  basic materials into the mixer according to the  proportion  demands  and also  blend them  uniformly;

Transfer to the disc feeder,  and also clean up the ferrous  compounds in the material during the  sharing process;

The material in the disc feeder  gets in the extrusion  natural  plant food pellet making  maker  uniformly, the  product is  required to pass between  both pressing rollers  as well as is extruded into flakes. The  products on the screen continue to be  smashed and  evaluated;

Semi-finished  items are sent to the  completed  item  testing  equipment; the  evaluated  penalty  bits are  straight returned to the disc feeder; the  big particles are  squashed by the pulverizer  and after that  went back to the disc feeder;

The qualified  items after screening are  moved to the automatic  product packaging scale for weighing, packaging  and also  storage space.

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2.  Benefits  as well as  downsides of compound  plant food

The production of  substance fertilizer by  natural  plant food pellet making  equipment process has the  complying with  benefits  as well as  drawbacks:

Extrusion granulation of  natural  plant food pellet making  device does not  need heating  as well as humidification of materials, which not only saves investment,  yet also  conserves  power, and can also adapt to the granulation of ingredients containing heat-sensitive materials, such as ammonium bicarbonate and some organic fertilizers;

No waste water or waste gas is discharged  throughout the  manufacturing process,  and also it will not pollute the  atmosphere;

The extrusion granulation process of organic fertilizer pellet making  maker is short,  simple to operate,  very easy to  recognize  automated production control,  as well as  enhance production  effectiveness;

There are no special requirements for the properties  and also  bit  dimension distribution of  resources, so the sources of  resources are  broad;

The  manufacturing of the organic fertilizer pellet making  equipment is  extra flexible, and the product  strategy can be  transformed at any time, which  contributes to the  manufacturing of  unique  plant foods in small  sets;

The  fragment size distribution of the product is  consistent,  and also there will be no segregation  as well as no agglomeration;

The  form of extrusion granulation  items made by organic fertilizer pellet making  equipment is not as round as the granules  created by  conventional methods such as drum granulation and slurry granulation; if there is a  chain reaction  in between the ingredients in the  item granules, it  might  trigger the granules to  break.

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3.  Full line of  natural  plant food pellet making  equipment

The production  modern technology of bio-organic  plant food is to  include  organic inoculants to livestock and  fowl manure and other  natural  products,  as well as through biological fermentation treatment,  advantageous  microbes multiply, so  regarding  accomplish the harmless  and also  industrial  items of deodorization,  disintegrating,  pesticide  as well as sterilization of livestock and  chicken manure.

For the  objective of chemical  therapy, this organic fertilizer pellet making  maker  modern technology is  particularly  appropriate for livestock  as well as poultry manure  handling in  ranches,  growing bases  as well as  reproducing  markets.

Since the  products are  disintegrated during the treatment process, the  additional fermentation  will certainly not occur when the materials are  related to the ground, and the  sensation of  origin burning  as well as  plant burning  will certainly not occur due to the  fast  proliferation of microorganisms in the  second fermentation and crop  origin  competitors for oxygen.

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Bio-organic fertilizer fermentation  technique:

1) Fermentation raw materials: fresh  animals and  fowl manure,  complementary materials (mushroom  deposit).

2) Tools: mixer, mechanical tipping  equipment, shovel.

3) Fermentation  pressures: special fermentation  stress for bio-organic  plant foods.

4)  Percentage: 1000 kg of livestock  as well as poultry manure, 100 g of  natural fertilizer starter  stress.

5)  Procedure process: The livestock  as well as  chicken manure is fully stirred with the auxiliary materials and starter  pressures according to the  percentage and then  accumulated into a  rectangle-shaped material pile with a height of 50 cm and a width of 100  centimeters.

Insert a thermometer,  and also  await  2 days after the temperature reaches 70 ℃ or more. Turn the  lot with a tipping  equipment;  transform the  load again two days after the  temperature level of the  product rises to 60 ℃;.

I  really hope the above related  material  regarding  natural  plant food pellet making  maker is  useful to you.  For additional information  regarding organic fertilizer pellet  maker, you are welcome to  seek advice from the  team of Richi Machinery, we  will certainly serve you wholeheartedly!

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