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Poultry feed handling maker selectionm

Pellet Richi
Pellet Richi 11/8/2022 5:32:48 AM

Poultry feed  handling maker selection concept

There are  concepts in the  choice of  total sets of  fowl feed processing  device, as follows:

( 1) The  fowl feed processing  maker  made use of  generally feed mill  manufacturing facilities are  generally ring die  fowl feed  handling  equipment, which are more suitable for rough feed granulation. When  selecting a  design, the  primary consideration is the rationality of structural design, ease of  procedure,  flooring  area, power  intake,  as well as selection of  components  as well as  elements.

( 2) The pellet cooler is to  preserve the  great  storage space of the  item after granulation,  and also is an  crucial process after granulation.

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( 3) Feed pulverizer is a  tool that  requires to be used before feed  handling  and also molding, which can  conserve power  intake  as well as improve the digestion and absorption  price of  animals  and also  fowl.  Today,  nearly all feed mills use hammer mills, which can  minimize the  squashing rate.

( 4) According to the  customer's feeding  range  and also feed consumption, choose  various types of pelletizer  tools.  Usually, the ring die  chicken feed pellet making  maker can be  utilized for  residence feeding. The equipment can be  created by lighting electric,  little footprint,  very easy to  relocate  as well as  reduced power  usage. If the  individual  feeds upon a larger  range, such as a  fowl feed processing plant, you can  select the SZLH  chicken feed  handling  maker, which can  generate about 800kg-1  heap per hour. These two  versions are the best-selling models of the RICHI  manufacturer.

( 5) It is  extremely  vital to choose a suitable feed pellet  device in the production process. I hope that the introduction of the above  material can be  useful for  individuals to  select the  technique of pellet machine.

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Details of  power saving in the  handling of feed pellets

1. Granulation  procedure

( 1) Under the premise of  guaranteeing the strength, the opening  price of the ring die of the  fowl feed processing  maker and the  display of the crusher should be increased as  long as  feasible, so  regarding improve the  manufacturing  performance and  lower the power  usage.

( 2)  Make use of the ring die repairing  equipment to repair the ring die in time to  enhance the granulation  effectiveness.

( 3) Reasonably control the output,  readjust the die roll gap,  boost the granulation efficiency,  as well as  lengthen the life of the ring die  and also  journalism roll.

( 4)  Routinely adjust or  change the blades of the conditioner of the  fowl feed pellet making  maker,  and also  enhance the  mixing  pole of the conditioner to  enhance the conditioning  impact and increase the output.

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2.  Components and  blending

( 1)  Boost the central control  procedure skills  as well as coordination  degree.

When the  driver receives the production order, according to the production order. The quantity of  resources in stock  as well as the  storehouse  ability of the batching warehouse,  establish the type,  series and  amount of  inbound  products to  make certain the continuous  procedure of the mixer,  as well as will not stop  manufacturing  as a result of the  damage of some raw materials.

 Affordable feeding  will certainly  make sure that the crusher  begins  much less  often within a  particular period of time,  and also the air  transportation time is the  fastest.

When  creating granular  products  and also concentrated  products at the same time,  establishing the appropriate switching time is an  crucial  assurance to  keep  continual  manufacturing of the poultry feed processing machine.

( 2)  Take on variable  regularity variable  rate controller to  maintain the  electric motor  tons running stably and  successfully.

( 3) Material  stockroom. The  layout of the scale  container shall  make sure that the  product is discharged without  using vibratory or mechanical discharge or mechanical discharge.

( 4)  Properly set the  components, reasonably arrange  hand-operated feeding  as well as liquid feeding,  and also  enhance the mixing efficiency of  components.

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3. Crushing link

( 1) The  dimension of the sieve  opening matches the crushed  product,  as well as the smooth  surface area of the sieve  installment faces  external; the sieve holes are  prepared vertically; the sieve with high opening rate is  embraced.

( 2) Replace the hammer or  change the hammer and cloth bag in time to improve the crushing efficiency.

( 3) Maintain a  great  unfavorable pressure state of the air  aid system and  boost the  result. The fan  setup of the  dirt  enthusiast is reasonable, the  instructions of the fan is correct, the air inlet is suitable, the  electro-magnetic  shutoff of the pulse dust  enthusiast is  typical, the filter bag is cleaned  everyday, and the air  leak is  discovered.

( 4) Feed the  product evenly with the transmission to  maintain the load of the pulverizer constant.

( 5) In the pulverization operation, the raw  products that are difficult to pulverize and the raw  products that are easy to  shatter can be mixed to  enhance the pulverization  effectiveness.

( 6) After  first pulverization  and also  mini pulverization, it enters the classification equipment to  minimize excessive pulverization of  basic materials.

( 7) For the secondary crushing process, check the formula  basic materials  and also oil content,  normally controlled within 5%,  as well as the oil  ought to not be  way too much.

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4. Power transmission

 Fowl feed  handling  device transmit power  via transmission devices such as bearings, reducers, and transmission belts.  As a result,  firstly, it is  needed to  make certain the  typical  procedure and lubrication of the transmission device,  decrease the power loss in the transmission  procedure,  and also achieve the  result of  power  conserving.

( 1) Select the  ideal  sort of  lubricating substance  and also  dose to  make certain that the  chicken feed  handling machine has a good working  setting  as well as state.

( 2)  Keep the proper  stress of the drive belt, replace the worn drive belt,  as well as  make use of  sheaves  and also other devices that match the drive belt.

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( 3) Avoid the vibration of the transmission equipment  as a result of the  loosened chain,  and also  maintain the chain at an  ideal  rigidity.

( 4)  Maintain the transmission clean,  devoid of  dust  and also waste  build-up, avoid local  getting too hot, and  permit  complimentary flow of air around the  equipment reducer.

( 5) When the  fowl feed  handling machine  need to  operate at multiple  rates,  change the mechanical  and also adjustable belt drive with an AC variable frequency drive.

( 6) Minimize or  prevent  making use of  pneumatically-driven conveying systems.

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