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Custom Mobile Websites for Businesses

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Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Website:

• Mobile devices will pass PCs as the access device of choice in 2013 (via Day and Night 365 Media)

• Over 80% of mobile interactions result in an action (call, visit or purchase). (via Day and Night 365 Media)

• Users enjoy the convenience of quickly finding you, which in

turn creates more opportunity for more foot traffic into your store.

• Instantly connect users with your social networks

-Easy to use widgets allow users to “Like” and follow your social networks with just one touch.

-Users can share content from your mobile site with their friends.

• Rich mobile experiences (slide shows, video, intuitive design)

-Businesses can display videos and slideshows to features events and products.

•  Allows users to experience your brand visually

-Perfect for music venues to showcase live performances

-An interactive way to brand your site with photos, fliers and video

-Display products, show ‘How to’ videos, give a tour of your facility

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