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Tropical Smoothie Cafe has been linked to an outbreak of hepatitis A that left a total of 55 people sick in six states. Frozen strawberries from Egypt were pinpointed as the cause of the infections. Authorities say the restaurant used the tainted strawberries in smoothies.

A CDC spokesperson reported 44 infections in Virginia, 4 in Maryland, 4 in West Virginia, 1 in North Carolina, 1 in Wisconsin and 1 in Oregon. "While Tropical Smoothie Café has removed the frozen strawberries from their restaurants and switched to another supplier, we may still see more illnesses due to the long incubation period for Hepatitis A before people start experiencing symptoms. At this time, we do not have information to suggest that there is an ongoing risk of hepatitis A virus infection at Tropical Smoothie Cafés," the spokesperson said.

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