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MusicDish 6/1/2018 10:11:20 PM
AdShare, the leading monetization service for music, film, television and sports rights holders, continues its international growth with the addition of Xelon Entertainment, Australia's premier digital music distributor. AdShare will help Xelon maximize its Australian music scene to the world, notably electronic dance music. This marks AdShare's first foray into both Australia and New Zealand. AdShare is already active in the US, Asia, Russia and India, with representation and offices in sixteen countries worldwide.

"Dance music is massive across the world," says AdShare Vice President of Sales Steve Scott. "Double digital growth for the music, clubs and festivals. We're excited about expanding into Australia with Xelon, one of the best digital music distributors to be found anywhere."

"It's about expanding our global operations," says Xelon's Marketing and Distribution Manager (N. America) Jon Lemmon, "AdShare gives us another opportunity to globalize all our artists."

Representing over 150 labels both domestic and worldwide, Xelon has become an invaluable asset to the Australian music scene.The distribution company has overseen the growth and expansion of numerous Australian artists, many of whom have worked with Xelon from the start. Headquartered in Melbourne, Xelon is known for its expertise in the dance music sphere.

About AdShare:
AdShare is the leading social media monetization service for music, film, television, and sports rights-holders. It brings together a technology oriented multi-disciplinary approach to monetizing fan engagement online.

AdShare's offerings include providing full service YouTube monetization and for existing YouTube Partners, the most robust and effective Optimization service on the market – generating substantial new revenue for its clients.

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