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MusicDish 7/25/2018 12:33:58 AM
As the concert industry continues to be overrun by 'power users' - ticket brokers gobbling up the most prized tickets and reselling them on the secondary market, SuiteHop, a Colorado-based VIP marketplace is paving the path for a safe, new user-friendly way for fans to upgrade their concert experience. SuiteHop's site aggregates millions of dollars worth of unused suites, VIP seating and skyboxes for venues, stadiums, and amphitheaters and cuts out the brokers and middleman - offering fans purchasing options in a secure, transparent marketplace with no hidden fees.

Todd Lindenbaum, CEO of SuiteHop explains, "As the music business has evolved, many tickets are ending up in the hands of brokers because they were ahead of the curve in online marketing and customer acquisition. SuiteHop was built to give back control to rights holders by allowing them to advertise their VIP inventory on the SuiteHop platform, which provides concierge-level service while charging no fees to the customer. The result is a fair way for fans to access VIP seating without having to go through a ticket broker with outrageous fees and spotty customer services."

With the live music industry revenue forecasted to reach an estimated 12 billion by 2021, "promoters and artists are trying to find the equilibrium between selling out and maximizing profits," adds Lindenbaum. "While the costs of attending a show have been increasing, the value is improving with premium VIP access.

Although the Summer 2018 concert season is well underway, SuiteHop has exclusive listings for some of the most highly sought after and already sold-out shows - Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Rod Stewart, Radiohead, Beyonce + Jay Z, Jason Mraz, and more. Offering unparalleled access to suites outfitted with premium amenities - upscale food and beverages, plush seating, private parking, privacy and all that comes with the luxury suite experience, Suites range from $4,500 - $30,000 (20 person capacity) - with VIP seating experiences starting at $200 per seat. View the listings


SuiteHop provides an easy way for fans to enjoy a luxury suite experience at sport and entertainment venues across the United States. Their streamlined platform allows users to directly book entire suites or individual seats in suites that would have otherwise gone unused. With hundreds of venues hosting thousands of events across the nation, SuiteHop makes it possible to obtain highly selective luxury suites that have remained difficult to access. The site has a rapidly growing list of venues and provides a broad range of suites for events that can be booked with live availability and pricing from verified sellers.

SuiteHop's features include:

• Seamless Booking

• Wide Array of Venues

• Verified Sellers: To confidently stand behind their guarantee on every order, SuiteHop requires that every seller is verified before listing.

• Customer Service: We can arrange for private catering (where available) and transportation.


SuiteHop provides an easy way for fans to enjoy the luxury suite experience at sport and entertainment venues across the United States. Backed by a team with over a decade of premium suite event experience, SuiteHop is an Inc Magazine 5000 award winning company.


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