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Right Now

Finished my 3rd week of consistent exercise/movement, and excitedly entering into my 4th. I’ve always been really great at being consistent with the different foods I choose to nourish my body but when it comes to movement/exercise/working out it’s always been very inconsistent and quite a struggle. Two things that have REALLY helped me the most are:
1. Sticking to a schedule
2. Releasing pressure/expectations/strict goals/criticism/judgements ETC.
When it comes to what I eat and being successful in remaining healthy and consistent in the midst of chaos I am such a firm believer in planning and preparing, so why wouldn’t I do that with movement? I don’t know why it took me so long to have this realization lol but once I did it has been the biggest game changer! Every Sunday I make a schedule for myself, making sure I choose things that are not only realistic but things I know I’ll want to do and enjoy. This way I know what’s coming up, I know how long it’s going to be, what the focus will be on, and so forth. Not sticking to the written out schedule feels extra self-sabotagey and I have yet to miss a day because of that!
Releasing pressure/expectation etc. in regards to exercise is something I’ve been working on for a while and has benefitted me tremendously. I am so much more inclined to get up and get moving when it comes from a place of fun, enjoyment, and love for my body rather than a place of beating my best time, being able to do what I did when I was younger, comparing myself to others, wanting to get rid of fat, cellulite, jiggle or whatever it is. I find I even do better and accomplish more when I go into it with a more lighthearted mindset. Just more love and appreciation all around and it becomes a ripple effect in other areas of my life too! I know self-discipline can be tough, doing what’s best for ourselves can be tough, but taking those little extra steps to set yourself up for your best chance of following through, and always coming from good intent and a place of love/appreciation wont fail you🖤

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