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Right Now

I’ve recently been doing just 1 thing differently to change the way I eat lately and I must say it has made such a difference. I knew I had to make some adjustments by how I felt during and after my meals but I wasn’t sure how exactly to improve it. Some days are so busy and hectic I’d find myself shoving food in my mouth, albeit healthy food, if you’re not in a relaxed state while eating your digestion isn’t going to work optimally and nutrients won’t get absorbed (the point of eating). Most of the urgency would come from always having my next bite ready which would ultimately cause me to chew less, swallow sooner, and rush even more. I would leave no time for my body to tell me if it was full or not and would often keep eating past fullness. Too much food going in at once without time between each bite stressed out my system and sometimes left me bloated.

So here’s what I did: I now wait until I am completely finished chewing before I pick up my fork and get my next bite ready. That’s it! Seems silly and obvious but I guarantee most of us aren’t eating that way (I’ve been observing others these last couple weeks too and I have yet to spot anyone who does this besides young children☝🏽). It took a bit of practice but now meals are so much more calm and enjoyable. Just the act of putting my fork down after each bite is reminder after reminder to relax and let myself actually chew. I feel like I don’t eat as much, I am aware the progression of my fullness and am able to listen to my body much better in that relaxed state. It’s such an easy thing to try and practice, I can’t recommend it enough!

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