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What are the best Do-It-Yourself IAQ test kits available?

One of the few professional DIY testing manufacturers is Building Health Check, LLC and they are very reliable. You can view their products at or purchase them at Grainger, Sears, Hunter fans or a number of on-line dealers.
Released On: 20/12/2011
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Visit Pure Air Control Services to Exhibit at 2011 MacDill SDVOSB/VOSB Conference & Expo

The goal of the conference is to provide the Small Business community with the tools and opportunities to take their businesses to the next level through education and interaction with their peers.
Released On: 07/12/2011
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Sears Provides IAQ Solutions With DIY IAQ Screen Check Test Kits

One of the newer products is the Organic Vapor Screen Check (OVSC) that allows the occupant the ability to screen for over 80 common indoor chemicals.
Released On: 06/12/2011
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A Few Remaining Spots Available for this Weeks Advanced Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Training Course - Clearwater, FL Dec 8-9

IEQ training solutions for individuals involved with inspection, assessment, remediation, identification, resolution, and loss prevention associated with mold and indoor air quality challenges in buildings and homes.
Released On: 06/12/2011
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What Constitutes Good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)?

The question is not what is bad IAQ, but more importantly is what is good IAQ (or what is normal)?
Released On: 06/12/2011
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Pure Air Control Services Receives Prestigious A+ Rating from BBB

The BBB A+ rating achieved by Pure Air Control Services is based upon customer satisfaction, reliability reports and overall solid track record.
Released On: 01/12/2011
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Keep Your Infant Healthy with “Test Your Nest Screen Check”

Good indoor air quality is difficult to detect as you cannot see it. Bad smells alone are not the only indicator of poor air quality. Interior rooms collect not only exhaled carbon dioxide and moisture from people and objects, but also numerous toxic chemicals and biological pathogens
Released On: 01/12/2011
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Advanced IEQ Training Course Dec 8-9, 2011

The Advanced Indoor Environmental Quality training program focuses on Health and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ), Temperature and Humidity, Ventilation and IEQ, Aspects of Indoor Environmental Quality, Usefulness of Testing, Sampling and Testing Methods, Data Collection, Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality Data Interpretation, First Responders, Sampling Plan, Building Assessments, Pollutants and Moisture Sources and Case Studies.
Released On: 01/12/2011
Views: 3255

Grainger Provides Solutions with DIY IAQ Test Kits

With more than 18,500 knowledgeable employees, the Grainger team works closely with customers to better understand their challenges and provide cost-saving solutions and affordable IAQ Screen Check testing kits to their valued clients.
Released On: 01/12/2011
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What is HAI and What Can be Done?

HAI are infections caused by a wide variety of common and unusual bacteria, fungi, and viruses during the course of receiving medical care.
Released On: 01/12/2011
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Improve IAQ & Save Money with PURE-Liner – The Drain Pan Protection System

As part of the HVAC restoration process PURE-Liner drain pan protection products are GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified® for low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) can be used.
Released On: 22/11/2011
Views: 2774

Clean HVAC System/Coils Saves $40,000 Annual in Energy Costs While Improving IAQ

Study Verifies Coil Cleaning Saves Energy revealed a $40,000 a year savings from just one air handling system as a result of the restoration of the air handler/coil system at the 1500 Broadway a 34 story skyscraper building in Times Square, New York City home to ABC Studios and Good Morning America.
Released On: 22/11/2011
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Molds, Mycotoxins are More Prevalent than Anticipated

And toxins produced by mold are more potent than was previously thought. It has now been shown, for instance, that mold toxins (mycotoxins) not only directly kill cells but can also affect immune cells in a way that increases the risk of allergies
Released On: 22/11/2011
Views: 3247

A Spreading Concern: Inhalational Health Effects of Harmful Allergens

These allergens oftentimes consists of mold, fiberglass, insect biodetritus, formaldehyde, chemicals, mycotoxins, bacteria, radon, asbestos, pollen, skin cell fragments, are the very cause of over $18 billion dollars of direct medical care annually.
Released On: 22/11/2011
Views: 2513

Baseline Surface Mold Guidelines Revealed

NewYork, NY – Original Article - Indian J. Aerobiol., Vol 21, No. 1, pp 13-23 (2008)
Released On: 22/11/2011
Views: 2634

Advanced Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Training Course Filling Fast

The course is designed to provide quality IEQ training solutions for individuals involved with inspection, assessment, remediation, identification, resolution, and loss prevention associated with mold and indoor air quality challenges in buildings and homes.
Released On: 22/11/2011
Views: 2808

Measuring & Understanding Baseline Indoor Quality Conditions

“With our extensive environmental background 25 years and multiple disciplined experience spanning over 600 million square feet of residential and commercial building space, we have been able to provide bioaerosol guidelines that are being used to determine what is normal in a home or building environment.”
Released On: 17/11/2011
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The Industry Leading IEQ Publication The IEQ Review Offered Free to the Public

The IEQ Review publication is one of the longest and most established IEQ publications dating back to 1995 wilt a little under 1000 newsletters published. SUBSCRIBE TO THE IEQ REVIEW!
Released On: 17/11/2011
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