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Pure Air Control Services and Air-Tek Team Up to Create Healthy Air and Energy Savings in California Buildings

Released On: 21/01/2010
Views: 4946

Legionella in the Workplace – A Workshop

Released On: 22/10/2009
Views: 3520

EDLab Provides Assistance to Flood Victims in Georgia

Released On: 02/10/2009
Views: 2988

Healthy Air for a Healthy Infant by “Test Your Nest Screen Check” (TYNSC)

Released On: 01/10/2009
Views: 1898

Southeast Flood Cleanup Comes With Warnings!

To ensure a safe environment, many of the flooded properties will need environmental testing to determine if mold, bacteria, viruses and chemical contaminants are now present.
Released On: 25/09/2009
Views: 6219

Georgia Flood Victims – Simple and Affordable Mold & Bacteria Test Kits Available Locally

Award-winning indoor Environmental Diagnostics laboratory (EDLab) provides simple tests for tricothocene mycotoxins, molds and bacteria
Released On: 23/09/2009
Views: 6444

California Wildfires & Smoke Cause Health Concerns

Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab) has designed specialty kits for the do-it-yourselfer (DIY) to analyze for the carbon based smoke particulate called Smoke Particulate Screen Check (SPSC).
Released On: 03/09/2009
Views: 5435

GREEN AHU Restoration Program Saves Energy and Improves IAQ

Building Remediation Sciences GREEN AHU Restoration program helps reduce energy costs and improves indoor air quality (IAQ) and is our liner is GREENGUARD IAQ Certified
Released On: 02/09/2009
Views: 4178

Improve HVAC Cleanliness during National Indoor Toxic Mold Awareness Month

Award-winning indoor environmental consulting firm Pure Air Control Services, Inc. offers professional building diagnostics and duct/HVAC cleaning services to safeguard against biological contaminates in the home an/or business
Released On: 01/09/2009
Views: 3509

Swine Flu Health Alert

A recently issued bulletin of World Health Organization (WHO) warned that the time is not far away when the second wave of this flu is going to spread specially in the heavily populated northern hemisphere edges towards the cooler season when flu thrives.
Released On: 26/08/2009
Views: 2650

EDLab Offers Solutions to Flooding – Simple and Affordable Mold & Bacteria Test Kits

Award-winning indoor Environmental Diagnostics laboratory (EDLab) offers advice on simple tests for tricothocene mycotoxins, molds and bacteria
Released On: 18/08/2009
Views: 2814

Fungal Cells in Synthetic Bedding May Exacerbate Asthma and Allergy Symptoms

Released On: 13/08/2009
Views: 3195

Pure Air Control Services Awarded Annual Contract for IAQ Services with Collier County School Board

Released On: 12/08/2009
Views: 2869

Pure Air Control Services Receives 2009 Best of Clearwater Award

U.S. Commerce Association’s Award Plaque Honors the Achievement
Released On: 07/08/2009
Views: 3181

“Mold Guidelines” Presented at Free Webinar

Released On: 30/07/2009
Views: 3982

Indoor Air Quality: How Clean is Clean? A Guide to Mold Guidelines

Released On: 25/06/2009
Views: 1305

Interior Surface “Mold Guidelines” Established

Dynamics of Surficial Mold in Indoor Environments was presented on Tuesday June 2, 2009 during the Advancing Concepts in Microbial Investigations program.
Released On: 04/06/2009
Views: 2909

LEED-ing the way... Pure Air Control Services Building Sciences Division

According to USGBC, LEED certification “provides independent, third-party verification that a building project meets the highest green building and performance measures.” When MAPP/Clayco Construction sought an IAQ firm to provide the crucial evaluation for Chevron, Pure Air Control Services an interdisciplinary environmental consulting firm with offices across the nation and a stellar reputation—was the obvious choice.
Released On: 27/05/2009
Views: 2213


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