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Can Duct Cleaning Help Improve Indoor Air Quality?

A recent headlined story entitled “Businessman takes woman's money, never cleans mold or repairs carpet” exemplifies the charlatan and shaman mentality of many of the so called "IAQ experts" that prey on the unsuspecting public. This activity has grown to epidemic proportions.
Released On: 18/08/2011
Views: 3751

How to Control Mold? …Don’t Push the Envelope!

Buildings in the north should not blow and buildings in the south should not suck.
Released On: 17/08/2011
Views: 4982

Vent Before Duct Cleaning, Not After Your Vents Are Cleaned, or It May Be Too Late!

Remember, one would only hire the best physician to identify and treat a physical ailment and should only use the best remediation contractor to identify and treat a problem home or building. Health is the primary concern of both.
Released On: 17/08/2011
Views: 4828

Pure Air Control Services Ranked by Gulf Coast Business Review as a Top 500 Company

The ranking places Pure Air Control Services, as the 12th largest Architectural/Engineering firms on the list and the largest indoor air quality consulting firm on the list.
Released On: 13/08/2011
Views: 2685

Household Mold Screening a Must for Homes with Infants

The journal Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology doctors and researchers have concluded that exposure to household mold in infancy greatly increases a child's risk of developing asthma,
Released On: 12/08/2011
Views: 5309

Hospitals depend on PURE-Steam Coil Cleaning to Save Energy and Improve IAQ

With ‘‘health care–associated infection’’ or ‘‘HAI’’ also known as nosocomial infections within healthcare facilities on the rise they adopting the PURE-Steam coil cleaning and HVAC cleaning process has helped keep the hospitals airstream clean and sterile.
Released On: 11/08/2011
Views: 7045

Indoor Air Quality…How Clean is Clean? A Webinar Series 8/17/01 1:00 pm

IAQ, Real or Percieved? Do you have a real IAQ problem in your building or are the conditions psychosomatic in nature? What are microscopic particulates? How clean is clean? What’s NORMAL baseline level for good IAQ?
Released On: 11/08/2011
Views: 5752

Molds, Mycotoxins and MVOC’s …Oh My!

How to test my office or home for Molds, Mycotoxins and MVOCs?
Released On: 09/08/2011
Views: 6184

Indoor Air Quality, What’s the Big Deal?

It’s not about indoor air quality, but more about the quality of the indoor air that counts most.
Released On: 09/08/2011
Views: 2802

IAQ, How Clean is Clean? Find our During the IAQ/Mold 101 Webinar Series

Do you have an actual problem in your building or are the conditions possibly psychosomatic in nature? What are microscopic particulates? How clean is clean? What’s NORMAL for good IAQ?
Released On: 05/08/2011
Views: 3860

Pure Air Control Services Seeking Building Scientist/Industrial Hygienists for IAQ Testing

Pure Air Control Services has immediate employment opportunity for field IAQ industrial hygienists
Released On: 04/08/2011
Views: 5886

Pure Air Control Services Assists Chevron in Setting the Gold Standard for Green Buildings

Green strategies incorporated into the Chevron building include under-floor air distribution, which reduces indoor pollutants and enables an individual to control the air supply; monitoring and adjustment of carbon dioxide levels and introduction of “fresh air” to all areas as needed; and reflective roofing, energy-efficient glass, and wall and roof insulation designed to achieve optimal energy performance.
Released On: 03/08/2011
Views: 4427

Pure Air Control Services to Showcase Mold/IAQ Test Kit Products & IAQ Services at Florida Minority Supplier Development Council

As an FMSDC certified MBE, Pure Air Control Services will showcase its products and services to corporations, government agencies, school districts, healthcare, hospitality, etc…
Released On: 03/08/2011
Views: 3403

Mold & Bacteria Continues to Grow in Foreclosed Homes at an Alarming Rate

Millions of foreclosed homes sit unused for months or years while bureaucracy holds back sales while mold and bacteria grow at an alarming rate
Released On: 15/07/2011
Views: 5947

Taking “Going Green” to a Whole New Level

When searching for additional ways for the school district to save money all the while helping to improve indoor air quality was when Don Terry, Manager Maintenance, Charlotte County School District sought the professional IAQ services of Pure Air Control Services and the PURE-Steam coil cleaning (No Chemicals) process.
Released On: 14/07/2011
Views: 4657

Mold/Bacteria Continues to Grow after Flooding

The receding floodwater carries a number of toxic waste, plant and animal remains, sewage water along with contaminants including bacteria and mold.
Released On: 14/07/2011
Views: 2969

IAQ/Mold 101- How Clean is Clean? (CEU's) (ABIH & ACAC CEU's available) – A FREE Webinar

With mold and other naturally occurring inoculums present indoors, what are their normal levels? When a remediation cleanup/sanitization project is completed, are the new microscopic levels of pollutants acceptable? How clean is clean?
Released On: 06/07/2011
Views: 3266

Two (2) Day Advanced Indoor Environmental Quality Training Seminar to be held in Clearwater, FL

“The speakers are very knowledgeable on mold and IAQ” - Healthcare Official past attendee
Released On: 06/07/2011
Views: 2577


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