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Can Airborne Allergens be Deadly?

Released On: 20/08/2010
Views: 3616

IAQ….You Can Manage What You Can Measure

Released On: 27/05/2010
Views: 2173

Safe and Effective Mold Cleanup Guidelines after the Floods

To ensure a safe environment, many of the flooded properties will need environmental testing to determine if mold, bacteria, viruses and chemical contaminants are now present.
Released On: 07/05/2010
Views: 5584

After the Floods Comes Mold and Bacteria

The stagnant water from flooding is a reservoir for microbes and other chemicals (VOC and other gases) as it contains sewage and other debris. Bacterial and fungi/mold infections are very common in this situation and the contaminated environment carries potential high health risks for diseases/epidemics.
Released On: 06/05/2010
Views: 4850

Airborne Pollen – Are They Making You Sick?

Released On: 16/04/2010
Views: 6934

As The Northeast Waters Recede, Mold & Bacteria Rise

Released On: 16/04/2010
Views: 5947

EDLab Provides Free 2010 Florida Expo Passes & Free Seminar: What is a GREEN Building?

The Florida Building & Facility Maintenance Show on April 28-29, 2010 in Tampa Fl. is positioned to serve the needs of Facility Management and Maintenance professionals from across this region.
Released On: 14/04/2010
Views: 4488

Pure Air Control Services Provides International IAQ Assistance for KAUST, in Saudi Arabia

Pure Air Control Services’ team of environmental scientists with backgrounds in microbiology, industrial hygiene, construction and mechanical engineering convened on the Riyadh campus and performed a series of forensic environmental assessments of over 20 campus facilities.
Released On: 27/03/2010
Views: 2494

IAQ Screen Check Products to be Showcased at ACCA Conference & Indoor Air Expo – Register to Win Healthy Air Kit Value $200

The HVAC Contractors # 1 Product Choice
Released On: 25/02/2010
Views: 2972

FREE IAQ/Mold 101 Webinar - Benefits of Screening IAQ Contaminants (ABIH CM’s, CEU's/RC's available)

Released On: 24/02/2010
Views: 5332

New IAQ Screen Check Product Line Introduced at the 2010 ACCA Conference & Indoor Air Expo

Released On: 23/02/2010
Views: 3057

IAQ/Mold 101 - Benefits of Screening IAQ Contaminants Webinar (ABIH CM’s, CEU's/RC's available)

Oftentimes, a hyper-sensitive person and/or a temporary event generate IAQ-related service calls. Do you have enough baseline IAQ data to determine what to do next? The webinar will tell you how. Wed, February 24, 2010 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT
Released On: 17/02/2010
Views: 1995

Duct Cleaning Will Clear the Air…If Done Right!

Released On: 17/02/2010
Views: 4393

Chinese Drywall Testing Guidance For Residential And Commercial Buildings

The professional building sciences department at Pure Air Control Services offers Chinese drywall inspections and lab analysis. For additional information on Chinese Drywall lab analysis or Chinese Drywall testing services provided by EDLab please call 1-800-422-7873 ext 804 (Ed Ziegler) or 802 (Alan Wozniak).
Released On: 16/02/2010
Views: 6269

EDLab Joins CDC Legionella ELITE Program

Legionella sp screening of the home or work environment is important especially for individuals with immune deficiencies such as allergies, chronic sinusitis, rhinitis, emphysema, asthma, atopic dermatitis, etc… and it is desirable to identify legionella and its potential sources for effective treatment.
Released On: 12/02/2010
Views: 4507

EDLab Joins CDC Environmental Legionella Isolation Techniques Evaluation (ELITE) Program

EDLab will participate in the CDC study. “We are honored and very excited join the CDC ELITE program.” stated Dr Rajiv Sahay, Director of EDLab “We expect the results of the study to help us understand the environmental distribution of the different strains of this species and how those strains may impact the epidemiology of the disease.”
Released On: 04/02/2010
Views: 3055

Pure Air Control Services Provides IAQ/Mold 101 Teaching at Central Florida College

Francisco Aguirre, CIAQP, CIEC, a principal of Pure Air Control Services who serves as the Director of the Building Sciences Division, has joined the board of Central Florida College (CFC) s a IAQ technical advisor for issues related to the indoor environment. As part of his commitment, Francisco has designed a series of 2-hour courses on indoor environmental sciences for CFC.
Released On: 22/01/2010
Views: 2443

EDLab Director Dr. Sahay Appointed to AIHA LAP Analytical Accreditation Board (AAB)

The Analytical Accreditation Board (AAB) is comprised of eighteen (18) members in all, each serving three-year terms with the exception of the ex-officio representatives and officers
Released On: 21/01/2010
Views: 4675


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