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Identify Allergy Triggers in your School, Healthcare, Office Buildings or Homes with Allergen Screen Check

A simple, inexpensive and yet effective DIY allergen test is the Allergen Screen Check manufactured by Building Health Check.
Released On: 01/07/2011
Views: 6731

Are all Black Molds Toxic?

Coloration and toxicity are two separate trends in mold. The coloration of mold is governed by pigmentation, physiological activity and genetics of the organism. The production of toxins is highly influenced by the nature of metabolites produced by the mold and others factors including environmental conditions. Hence, the toxicity of the mold should not compare directly with the color of the microorganism.
Released On: 30/06/2011
Views: 7991

Control Legionella Bacteria with PURE-Liner the Drain Pan Protection System and PURE-Steam

Where air conditioning units are present, it is important to professionally clean and sterilize the coils of the units annually to remove grime and oils that can act as incubation sites for Legionnaire's Disease. In addition, the drain pan for the unit must be maintained in a clean state.
Released On: 29/06/2011
Views: 5257

Bryant Dealer Meeting at INDY 500 a Success

Within the 250,000 fans were over four hundred plus Bryant Heating & Cooling dealers & partners living a race fans dream. Bryant is the proud sponsor of the Andretti team cars.
Released On: 28/06/2011
Views: 3773

North Dakota Flooding Leaves Environmental Health Risks Behind

Contaminants, bacteria, viruses and mold pose risks even after the waters recede. Children, seniors and people with lung diseases like asthma and COPD are at a higher risk of developing breathing problems from these contaminants.
Released On: 28/06/2011
Views: 6747

Effective Coil Cleaning Saves Energy and Improves IAQ

Using superheated steam to clean their heat exchangers (heating and cooling coils) utilizing the Pure-Steam process made it possible to effectively remove dust and associated biofilm lodged deep in the fins. This process known as “PURE-Steam Sterilization Cleaning Process” saves labor and materials, is chemical free, cleans deeper and better, kills and removes bacterial and fungal growth and sterilizes the coils in the process.
Released On: 25/06/2011
Views: 7993

Building Health Check & FLIR Introduce the E-Series Infrared Diagnostics with Wi-Fi Connectivity

Leveraging decades of global leadership in infrared technology, the FLIR E-Series introduces a mix of professional-grade specifications and all-new features designed to redefine the compact, point-and-shoot thermal imaging camera market
Released On: 24/06/2011
Views: 4167

GSA Schedule Highlighted at American Express OPEN Victory in Procurement Event

The Mastering the GSA Schedule session moderated by Dona Storey, with panelists Judith Nelson, General Services Administration (GSA) and Alan Wozniak, Pure Air Control Services was well attended by over 300 attendees during two back to back sessions
Released On: 21/06/2011
Views: 5126

That "New Home" Smell – Is it Healthy ?

Pure Air Control Services, Inc. offers a range of VOC testing and consultation to protect building occupants.
Released On: 09/06/2011
Views: 4548

Pure Air Control Services Creates Healthy Hospitals

Pure Air Control Services, Inc. provides support services to all hospitals across the nation during the (IRCA), construction initial planning, as well as testing and monitoring during the construction phase(s).
Released On: 09/06/2011
Views: 3431

Grainger Providing Solutions to IAQ with DIY Test Kits

With more than 18,500 knowledgeable employees, the Grainger team works closely with customers to better understand their challenges and provide cost-saving solutions and affordable IAQ Screen Check testing kits to their valued clients.
Released On: 07/06/2011
Views: 6659

American Express OPEN Victory in Procurement Seminar – The GSA Schedule and more

Hosted by American Express OPEN, the event will offer active contractors with direct access to government buyers and contract opportunities via buyer/seller matchmaking.
Released On: 07/06/2011
Views: 6579

FREE IAQ/Mold 101: Investigating IAQ Proactively & Reactively (ABIH & ACAC CEU's available).

All buildings have varying levels of the various indoor pollutants. Oftentimes, a hyper-sensitive person and/or a temporary event generate IAQ-related service calls. Do you have enough baseline IAQ data to determine what to do next?
Released On: 03/06/2011
Views: 3240

Florida Schools Save Energy & Improve IAQ with PURE-Steam Coil Cleaning Process

“Not only are we saving energy, but we are creating a healthy learning environment for our students and faculty.”
Released On: 01/06/2011
Views: 5809

Toxic Water: Mississippi River Flooding

Managing Indoor Environments After Flooding
Released On: 01/06/2011
Views: 4292

U.S. Asthma Rates Continue to Rise

Released On: 01/06/2011
Views: 2686

Indoor Allergens and Public Health

An estimated 22% of the population is suffering from some form of allergic disease.
Released On: 24/05/2011
Views: 6874

Understanding the Triggers of your Asthma Conditions Could Save Your Life

Although there is no cure for asthma yet, asthma can be controlled through medical treatment and management of environmental triggers. EPA is committed to educating all Americans about asthma so that everyone knows what asthma is, how the environment can affect asthma patients and how to manage environmental asthma triggers.
Released On: 24/05/2011
Views: 4302


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