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Mold Guidelines to be Presented at the AIHCE Conference

Dynamics of Surficial Mold in Indoor Environment will be presented on Tuesday June 2, 2009 from 10:50 am during the Advancing Concepts in Microbial Investigations program.
Released On: 19/05/2009
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Reduce Airborne Allergens and Save Energy during Asthma and Allergy Month with Clean Air Ducts

Ducts are like a babies diaper…they should not be wet, they should not smell and they should not be dirty
Released On: 19/05/2009
Views: 2303

How to Create and Promote a Healthy Workplace Environment?

Studies have shown that, for offices, 1 percent improved productivity would be equivalent to the whole energy cost of a building or, nationally, $2 billion annually.
Released On: 12/05/2009
Views: 4929

Pure Air Control Services Contributes to GREENING Federal facilities Nationwide Saving Thousands of Dollars and Creating Healthier Indoor Environments

“Then I say the earth belongs to each ... generation during its course, fully and in its own right, no generation can contract debts greater than may be paid during the course of its own existence.” -- Thomas Jefferson, September 6, 1789
Released On: 08/05/2009
Views: 1882

Swine Flu ….How to Minimize Risk?

According to various news sources a recent pandemic of swine flu has been reported from Mexico, where more than 100 people are dead and thousands are battling for their lives
Released On: 29/04/2009
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Going Green and Healthy Indoor Air - A Free Seminar

The GREEN topics covered will inlcude methods of going green that will have a positive impact not only on energy conservation, but in reducing pollutants of the indoor environment. In addition, the US Green Building Council LEED implementation of IAQ Testing will also be reviewed.
Released On: 28/04/2009
Views: 3014

Mold/IAQ Course Approved by the CILB for CEU’s is launched at FRACCA Conference

Attendees received instruction on the historical viewpoints of indoor air quality, characterized the various indoor environmental microbiological contaminates (e.g. mold, dust mites, bacteria, etc.), and methods of investigating and collecting samples for analysis.
Released On: 15/04/2009
Views: 2567

Allergen Screen Check Test Kit Utilized on Doctors TV to Identify Patient Ailments

Green Nest through its affiliation with Building Health Check and its IAQ Screen Check products evaluated the Daniels home and identified potential problematic conditions.
Released On: 08/04/2009
Views: 2933

Federal Governments IAQ/Mold Needs Fulfilled Utilizing Pure Air Control Services GSA Contract (#GS-10F-0488R)

Released On: 31/03/2009
Views: 2222

Genomics of Aerobiology: Cutting Age Technology for IEQ/IAQ Evaluations

Dr. Sahay emphasized the genomic (study of genomes) techniques and their importance in context to indoor environmental/air quality diversity
Released On: 27/03/2009
Views: 2251

Dr. Rajiv Sahay Awarded with the Fellowship of Indian Aerobiological Society

Released On: 26/03/2009
Views: 3567

Pure Air Control Services Earns A+ Rating from Better Business Bureau

The BBB A+ rating achieved by Pure Air Control Services is based upon customer satisfaction, reliability reports and overall solid track record.
Released On: 21/03/2009
Views: 3227

In a Tight Economy, Pure Air Control Services Helps Facilities Managers Save Energy, Maintain Sustainability and Improve IAQ

Oftentimes, the economic recovery (payback) for energy upgrades (investments) of their facilities HVAC systems are typically 2-3 years or 33% return on investment (ROI).
Released On: 18/03/2009
Views: 2333

Mold and Bacteria Contamination in Foreclosed Homes – An Epidemic

Foreclosed homes or buildings can sell for a fraction of their original value, and may seem like a steal: A fixer-upper at a low price. But while there are plenty of good deals to be found on the foreclosure market, “these homes can also harbor unpleasant guests—such as mold, bacteria, mycotoxins and endotoxins” stated Dr Rajiv Sahay, Director of Lab Services at Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab) an AIHA accredited microbiology laboratory
Released On: 12/03/2009
Views: 3232

Going Green and Healthy Indoor Air - a Free Seminar

Released On: 10/03/2009
Views: 3218

HVAC Cleaning Saves $40,00 in Energy Costs Improving Economic Stimulus

A recent article in the ASHRAE Journal authored by Ross Montgomery, PE entitled Study Verifies Coil Cleaning Saves Energy revealed a $40,000 a year savings from just one air handling system
Released On: 06/03/2009
Views: 3226

EDLAB Offers Environmental Monitoring Lab Analysis for USP 797 Compliance

Released On: 03/03/2009
Views: 1986

Alan Wozniak Leads Florida Company to National Recognition

Released On: 25/02/2009
Views: 3440


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