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🍓Strawberry Banana🍌 smoothie bowl🤤All I crave on these hot hot days! I found this awesome grain-free granola made with sprouted seeds from @thrivemkt and it’s perfect with this smoothie bowl. I loooove granola and used to have it with yogurt every morning (pre-vegan days) so I was pretty excited to find one that agrees with my lifestyle and isn’t filled with junk 👍🏼

•1/4 cup of apple juice
•1/4 cup coconut water
(Depending on how thick or thin you like it..I like mine thicker)
•2.5 frozen bananas •handful of frozen strawberries
•sliced strawberries, bananas and grain free granola to top
Throw the liquids, frozen banana, and frozen strawberry in a blender and blend until desired texture is reached. Top with fruit and grain free granola and dig in!

Don’t forget—giveaway is still open! Winner will be announced on Friday🎉 loving all the tags so far...keep em coming😄❤️
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