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Tour of Shweiki Media - Great Day SA

Gal Shweiki of Shweiki Media gives us a tour of his printing company - produced and edited by Ralph Garcia

Selling Quiz Sponsorships to Advertisers: Shweiki Media Printing Company Presents a Step-By-Step Guide to Success.

For those looking for a effective way to drive traffic to their website, quizzes serve as a unique solution with the added bonus of being incredibly social and shareable, giving one the ability to reach either a broad or niche audience, depending on the topic. It’s all of these aspects that combine to make quizzes very sellable, and a quiz sponsorship is likely to appeal to a wide variety of advertisers (and open up a new digital stream for a company).

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Shweiki Media Inc

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Shweiki Media Inc

  • 4954 Space Center Drive
    San Antonio, , Texas 78218
  • 210.804.0390