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Regan Patterson
Regan Patterson 7/28/2021 12:51:00 AM

𝟯𝟭 𝘄𝗲𝗲𝗸𝘀 & 𝟭 𝗱𝗮𝘆 🤰🏼⁣

I feel like I’m in the final countdown, but still feels like a long way to go 😬⁣

I would have expected my belly to be bigger than it is by now, but I’m not complaining 🤣⁣

Thankfully still feeling overall good (minus the back pain)⁣

The gym is on pause while I give my back a break! ⁣

No nausea or aversions. No heartburn (yet🤞🏼). Still sleeping pretty good (sometimes my back causes me to wake up more). ⁣

I have my maternity pics and baby shower in the books so counting down the days for those 😍⁣

We will be working on her nursery a little bit this weekend, which I’m excited about! ⁣

All these things making it feel more and more real (but probably won’t feel real until I meet her😍)⁣

I have most everything I think I need on the registry, but feel free to drop your must haves in the comments!! 👇🏼⁣

Just wanted to do a little update even though there’s not much to report, which I will take as a win! ⁣

I miss working out as frequent as I was, but it will be there for me when I’m ready! ⁣

And just for fun….⁣

Moms, what was the best piece of parenting advice that someone gave you? Let me know in the comments ♥️⁣

Anywho, thanks for following along and can’t wait to share her arrival in a couple months! 😘⁣

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Regan Patterson

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