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Why I think everyone should have ay

Regan Patterson
Regan Patterson 9/23/2021 4:12:17 PM

Why I think everyone should have a coach👇🏼⁣

And when I say everyone, I mean it! I’m a coach, and I have a coach 👏🏼⁣

There is so much information at our fingertips. Yes, it’s possible to research all the info online that you may need. ⁣

Coaches don’t have a secret formula or secret info for your success. We aren’t trying to sell you on any hidden knowledge, it’s all out there at your disposal. ⁣

And just because you hire a coach, does not mean you will achieve your goals. You HAVE to put in the work. ⁣

With that being said… ⁣

Yes, you can find some macro calculator online to use. But, a calculator does not take into account some pretty important info like: ⁣

Dieting history⁣

Training history⁣



Mindset blocks⁣

Your preferences⁣

We aren’t here to just give you numbers and for you to be on your way.⁣

We are here to take into account EVERYTHING in your life so that you can have the best, most realistic plan for YOU.⁣

Some people eat the same macros everyday. ⁣

Some people have a slightly lower macro calculation during the week and higher macros for the weekend.⁣

Some people can workout 5 days a week. ⁣

Some people can only focus on steps.⁣

There is NOT a one size fits all when it comes to health and fitness.⁣

A coach can provide reliable education, accountability (this is the biggest one for most people), support through the ups and downs, a realistic viewpoint on progress, continual adjustments when needed, strategies and tips to help you through the difficult times and find what works best for YOU. ⁣

You essentially are trading money for time.⁣

Yes, you can try to figure it all out on your own.⁣

I mean heck, I did. But man, do I wish I had a coach during my journey.⁣

Would have saved me a whole lot of time and a whole lot of misinformation. ⁣

Don’t be afraid to INVEST in YOU.⁣

Don’t look back a year from now wishing you got started.⁣

My assistant coach @morganleighmiller still has spots on her roster, and with the holidays coming, you want to have that extra support! ⁣

If you want to apply for coaching, find the link in my bio or Morgan’s!⁣

We can’t wait to help you. ♥️

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